Homeowners looking to replace their windows have many options to consider.  Wood replacement windows are a popular choice; however, there are both advantages and disadvantages to wood windows. Overall, wood is a good construction material and its aesthetic appeal is hard to duplicate.  Wood is a natural material and as a replacement window it adds warmth and richness to your home, but at a price.

wood replacement windowsBest Wood Replacement Windows

If you’re like most homeowners, the main reasons you’ve been considering replacement windows are to increase the energy efficiency of your home, reduce dust and dirt infiltration, eliminate costly maintenance and add curb appeal.

If your Houston area home was built over seven years ago, chances are it’s in bad need of a window replacement. Due partly to the fact that energy used to be less expensive, energy-saving windows were not much of a concern. Houston area homes were often quickly built with inefficient or inadequate windows. Many windows installed in such a way that would not even pass today’s building codes.

Replacing your windows can yield many benefits. But perhaps the most appealing benefit of replacement windows in Houston, are the savings that you are likely to gain by having better insulated windows.

Most Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Star has just posted the results for the most energy efficient windows for 2013.  Out of all of the manufacturers out there, only 12 made the cut and only 2 of those manufacturers can be purchased in Houston.  So how did we fare out in all of this?  Well turns out that our elite vinyl window line which is exclusive to us is now the most energy efficient window in the state of Texas according to Energy Star.  With us, you truly are getting the superior window.

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Custom Wood Windows

Typically customers who select wood replacement windows will choose a vinyl or aluminum cladding to fit around the exterior surfaces of the wood framing.   By adding the cladding around the exterior frame the amount of maintenance required may be reduced.  Vinyl and aluminum clad windows are an excellent option for homeowners required to use custom wood replacement windows due to architectural or historical preservation guidelines.  When shopping for wood windows you can expect to pay more for windows with the vinyl or aluminum clad option.  The cladding is durable and helps to protect the exterior wood frame from weather exposure.  The exterior cladding typically comes in a wide assortment of colors which makes it convenient for selecting a color that will coordinate well with the home’s exterior.

Wood Windows versus Vinyl Windows

While wood replacement windows may seem like a good solution to your problems they may not be the most suitable.  Wood may be a good insulator, but wood replacement windows are one of the most costly options available on the market today.  Over time, even the best wood windows cannot hold up to Texas weather conditions.  The sun and humidity can take a toll on wood and over time can warp and rot making the windows unsecure and difficult to operate.  Damaging ultraviolet rays are the worst enemy for wood windows making it necessary for continuous maintenance and upkeep.  To keep wood windows looking beautiful and operating smoothly routine sanding, painting, and sealing is necessary.

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