Window Replacement in Houston

Superior Window Company offers an unbeatable selection of high quality and energy efficient windows. We offer professional window replacement Houston, Texas residents can trust. Consult with us so we can plan the installation as soon as possible.

Professionally Installed Replacement Windows Designed Just for Your Home

Superior Window Company offers a great selection of premium quality windows manufactured here in the US. We understand that everyone has different needs, taste, and budget, so we provide an excellent range of window style, material, and frame color options. Designed with the customers in mind, our products have impressive aesthetic and energy saving features.

While most Houston replacement windows often look very similar, some are designed for a low cost, rather than for value. Most of the time, low cost windows fail to function and perform properly. Choosing products carefully will save you more money while keeping your home safe and secure. We want you to know that we’re here to make things easier for you. Work with us to find the right replacement window for your property.

Window Styles

Our affordable vinyl replacement windows combine performance, function, and beauty to enhance your home’s style and maximize savings. With a great selection of window types, a variety of energy-saving features, and custom design options, we let you choose the product that suits your budget and home design.

Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Every vinyl window from Superior Window Company is custom designed and built for your home. The fusion welded sash and frame construction provides optimum performance and durability. The full sash interlock and high-performance stripping block air infiltration for increased energy efficiency. Achieving superior protection and security is possible with our windows’ easy-to-operate steel cam-action locks. The stainless steel constant force balance system allows for easy opening and closing of your windows. Each product comes with a lifetime transferrable warranty from the manufacturer and a lifetime installation warranty from Superior.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Sloped Sill for Effective Water and Air Infiltration Prevention
  • Great Selection of Colors (white, beige, or clay with special wood grain options)
  • Built to Last

Single Hung Windows

houston windows

Houston windows

Single hung replacement windows are popular for their attractive look, vertical sliding design, and traditional lines. They feature classic styling that matches all home designs. They are the most affordable window style available today, making them the perfect choice for many homeowners.

Single hung windows have sash, frame, and mechanics similar to those of double hung types. The fixed top half of single hung windows makes the difference. The fusion welded sash and master frame provides maximum strength and durability.

Double Hung Windows

houston double hung windows

houston windows

Our double hung replacement windows feature a stylish frame design that makes the glass more visible. They are beautiful and easy to clean, thanks to their tilt-in features. The fusion-welded construction makes them durable and long lasting. With numerous style options, these types of replacement windows are a great option if you’re planning to update or improve.

Slider Windows

Houston Windows

houston windows

Our horizontal slider windows allow you to create a light filled space in your home by letting more sunshine in. They provide a clear, panoramic view of the outdoors while giving your room a modern look. They’re available in different sizes and styles to suit your design preferences and your home’s overall setup. Equipped with integral handles and sliding sashes, these types of replacement windows are easy to operate. You can remove the sashes for easy cleaning or for added safety during emergencies. The double cam action locks provide maximum security.

Casement Windows

houston casement windows

Houston Windows

Vinyl casement windows feature a classic design that satisfies both modern and traditional tastes. They provide good ventilation and are open wide for easy cleaning from inside your home. They also offer an unobstructed view of your outdoor environment. You can easily open these hinged windows with just a twist of a crank.

Casement windows provide a high level of security, making them a popular choice for most bay and bow window configurations. With their unsurpassed style, beauty, and durability, casements add character to your home décor. The heavy-duty multi-point locking system allows for secure fit and improved energy efficiency.

Picture Windows

houston picture windows

Houston Windows

Enjoy a wide selection of glass with picture windows. Glass provides a more distinct and modern look for your home’s exterior while letting more light in and making your interior look more spacious. Picture windows work well with other window styles, such as casements, single hung, and double hung. They provide good ventilation and wide views of the outdoors. Update the look of your home by installing these attractive windows. With their eye-catching features, you can experience the outdoors inside your living space.

Bay/Bow Windows

houston bay window

Houston Bay Windows

Create a special place for relaxation by adding a bay or bow windows to your home. Handcrafted to your exact specifications, these elegant windows provide a dramatic effect to your interior and exterior living space. They feature a beautiful finish for a more stunning appeal and can complement any home style. They also enhance the value and exterior appearance of your property.

Geometric Shaped Windows

Houston geometric shape windows

Houston geometric shape windows

Like all of our window styles, geometric shaped windows are custom made to fit your opening requirements perfectly and are available with all of our energy saving upgrade options. We can customize them to achieve your desired size and shape. The frames are made from high quality materials and the glass packages feature an energy efficient design. You can get the look and feel you want for your home with windows that combine thermal performance with elegance and charm.

Garden Windows

Houston garden window

Houston Garden window

Installing garden windows is a good way to bring nature indoors. Usually found in the kitchen, these windows give you a clear view of the outdoor environment. They’re good additions to your kitchen or any other room, as they add another dimension and appeal. There’s no need to use skylights, as your garden window will bring light into your home. Seeing your well-maintained garden from inside your kitchen is a relaxing and fulfilling experience. Our garden windows come with specially designed handles for easy operation.

Awning Windows

Houston awning window

Houston Awning Window

Awning windows offer a unique and stunning look for your home, along with great functionality. The hinged design with crank handle provides good ventilation even during harsh weather conditions. Place them on high walls to let more light in while maintaining your privacy. You can also place them above or below other windows to get the look and feel you want for your home. Awning windows have features similar to those of casement types.

Designer Options


Create the home environment you’ve always wanted with our designer options. Use your imagination to incorporate these stunning windows to your overall living space. Increase your home’s value with details like molded screen tracks and beveled contours. The specially designed frames with narrow profiles provide wide-open views and brighten up your home with natural light. Our products come in different colors to match your existing home décor.

Decorative Grids & Grooved Glass


Our integral grids in smooth or sculptured styles and our designer grooved glass will give your home a more sophisticated look inside and outside.

Facts About Windows

FAQ About Replacement Windows

Windows can truly make or break the visual feel and appeal of a home. The shapes and attributes of your windows determine how much light enters into your home, how bright that light is, and how open your home can feel. They also have a large impact on heating and cooling bills, as the old single pane windows or poorly sealed windows can let a lot of cool air out in the summer, and heat out in the winter.

How do you know if your windows need replacing? What are the benefits of replacement windows, and should you upgrade or just replace a bad window? These are the common questions that we are going to answer.

Benefits Of Getting Replacement Windows In Houston

The most appealing benefit of replacing your windows is the money you can save by doing so. Having windows that are more efficient will allow you to reduce your bills while enjoying a comfortable living environment.

Replacing your single pane windows with double or triple pane windows can help you save up to $465 per year. The amount you can save varies depending on the type and specifications of the window. Windows with more insulation or glazing will provide more energy efficiency, thus saving you more money. The coatings and glazes prevent premature fading of interior surfaces in your property by blocking the ultraviolet rays coming through your window. Different coatings are good at controlling the temperature inside your home. Your choice of replacement window should depend on the type of climate you have in your area.
Installing energy efficient windows also help reduce the pollutants released into the environment, such as carbon footprint. Pollution is a growing issue in the United States and it influences the demand for green products.

Which Windows Should You Replace?

The answer depends on your personal needs and the climate in your area. Single pane windows are good if you live in an area where the temperature rests at a comfortable 70 degrees all year. Make sure they are always clean and securely in place to achieve the best results. Replacing your windows with stylish and efficient ones is ideal if you’re looking for a new and better atmosphere.

A draft around your window is a clear sign of trouble. There might be a crack in the wall or framing, which will eventually cause your utility bills to rise. Replace the window immediately to avoid costly damages and sudden increase in energy consumption.

Should I Upgrade or Stick with the Same Window Type?

TIt greatly depends on your personal preferences. Upgrading your windows is a good way to improve your home’s efficiency, appearance, and value. The climate may also affect your decision. Replacing a single window panel is ideal if there’s only a crack or break in the seal. Upgrading all of your windows is a good option if you want to give your home a new look.

Should I Install Windows Myself?

While some manufacturers provide do-it-yourself (DIY) kits for homeowners, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to ensure proper and safe installation. Installing windows is a tricky job, and requires the experience and expertise of certified window specialists. You don’t want to damage your window during the installation process, so better leave the job to the pros. Our team will fit your windows securely for maximum safety, privacy, functionality, and efficiency.

Let the experts from Superior Window Company install your replacement windows. Contact us to and get a free quote and to schedule a consultation with one of friendly team members.