Our Replacement Windows are Texas Made.

When it comes to replacing your home windows one of the first questions you should ask is “Where are the windows manufactured?”. It’s important to know that many other window companies offer windows built in Wisconsin, Ohio and other places by designers and engineers that are not designing windows specifically for Texas conditions, culture, and style. Sure they may be good windows for people up north who put beans in chili, think Taco Bell is the best Mexican restaurant, and say pop instead of Coke…


There are just some things that are native to Texas and have to be made a certain way to be considered “authentically Texan. Remember that old Pace Salsa commercial that questioned the authenticity of the salsa made in New York City? Well, as homeowners who are paying a good amount of their hard-earned money you should consider the origins of your replacement windows and who they are made for.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the entire United States… But let’s be honest what does a window manufacturer in Wisconsin know about homes in Texas?  Those are two different climates—like night and day.


What does Wisconsin know about summers that are so hot, that cheap flip flops melt on the pavement? What do they know about winters where we cancel school for three snowflakes and call it frigid when it’s 60° outside? 

The fact of the matter is, Wisconsin knows as much about our Texas climate as we know about making cheese—and that’s pretty close to nothing! You need your replacement windows to be designed by people who understand the demands of Texans, our sensitivity to heat, and our brutal summers and faux winters.

There are too many reasons to list, why you should by replacement windows from Superior, but some of the most important reasons are:

Designed By Texans, For Texans, And Made In Texas

Our windows aren’t just designed in Texas and then outsourced overseas or to some white label manufacturer like many “in-name-only” Texas window manufacturers. No, our windows are designed by our in-house engineers based right here in the Lone Star State. They know the unique Texas weather patterns. They know replacement windows in Texas need to be able to withstand a drizzle and 80° in the morning, a cold front in the afternoon and a howling thunderstorm in the evening on any given day. They know that summer in Texas is the closest you will get to the sun’s surface and your windows need to be up to snuff to handle those extreme conditions.

Our windows are also manufactured for us, by us in Fort Worth, TX with materials and resources mostly from within Texas. When you buy windows from Superior you are not only getting replacement windows specifically designed for this area, but you are also supporting the Texas economy.

Our economy fares better than the entire nation year after year, so much so that people and corporations are moving here in droves. It is because of Texans loyalty to goods and service companies with Texan roots—we take care of our own. When you buy windows from Superior, every dollar you spend stays here in the Texas economy, not Wisconsin, and surely not…NEW YORK CITY!

Our Windows Are Built “Texas Tough”

Let’s face it Texas is the most beautiful and eclectic state in the US. Think about it, we have a major shipping port just 1 hour south of us. When they say “the stars at night are big and bright….” (you clapped and finished the lyrics didn’t ya?)—they mean it! Out west in Fort Davis you can see those stars right on top of you in pitch black darkness. We have the beautiful Texas Hill Country where you can float one of several gorgeous rivers. Just make sure to stay in your tube on the chutes! Besides having such a melting pot of cultures and geography, we also have some crazy weather. Sure, Oklahoma and Kansas may have tornados that can drop a house on a witch—but Texas weather is bi-polar and tougher than a wild steer.

It’s not uncommon to have a welcome snap to winter weather and usher in spring with 75° and sunshine in April only to be greeted with 27° and sleet just 12 hours later. And we’ve already talked about how brutal the heat is, come July.

That’s a lot of variables for a window manufacturer to consider and when you have windows being designed and made up north where summers are mild and winters are wild—you’re just not going to have the same insider knowledge being put into the design of those windows.

Our Texas made windows are designed specifically to:

Withstand The Gulf Coast Hurricanes

Ask anyone who has survived Hurricane Ike, Harvey, Katrina or even tropical storm Allison—they will testify that Gulf Coast Hurricanes are no joke. In Houston, many freeways turn into temporary rivers with people riding jet skis down 59. In these powerful storms where wind can uproot trees and decimate roofs, your windows are part of your home’s defense against these natural disasters. Do you honestly believe that engineers in Wisconsin are going to be able to grasp the magnitude of even some of these smaller storms? It’s highly unlikely, and that is going to carry over into the design of windows for Texas homes being unable to take the beating these storms dish out.  

Our windows, however, since they are built right here in Texas; our designers have lived through these storms, they know the climate well. They know how tough Texas windows need to be to survive as well. That is valuable institutional knowledge you won’t get from someone who hasn’t lived here to experience it.

Respond To Texas Humidity

Another fun fact about Texas weather we all must accept eventually is that humidity is just in our DNA.  Texas has some of the most humid regions that just never seem to have a nice dry day. Houston, for example, is one that everyone knows humidity is practically year-round. When you have cheap or poorly -designed windows that are generic you are going to suffer from humidity caused problems such as:

  • Condensation
  • Humidity driven temperature increases
  • Worn out HVAC due to humidity and the unit working twice as hard
  • Mold and Mildew build up

With our energy-efficient double and triple-pane gas filled windows, the humid air outside will not penetrate your windows and seep into the house. Our encasements are also able to withstand the constant moisture in the air, the wild temperature changes, as well as any storm-related issues.

Beat The Texas Heat

Extreme heat and long exposure to sunlight can ruin a window that is not designed specifically for Texas. Sunlight contains UV rays which can wreak havoc on seals and when shining through your windows can even fade your interior furnishings. However, with Superior coated windows blocking out much of the UV rays that the sun emits, you can rest assured knowing your home is protected as well as your energy bills.

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