Replacement Window Glass Options

When it comes to saving energy and keeping your home more comfortable, the right glass package for your replacement windows will accomplish the task. Superior Window Company offers a variety of optional glass packages that combine the most effective features and advanced designs to achieve truly impressive year-round thermal performance and energy savings. Choose the right glass package for your home and begin to reap the benefits of an ultra-energy-efficient window and door.

Insulating Glass Unit

Replacement Windows



ProSolar Shade

Low E Coated Glass

Low E coatings reflect infrared light keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.  It can also reduce fading of carpet, artwork, and photos by helping block damaging ultraviolet rays.

Ar & Kr

Gas Fill

Odorless, colorless non-toxic gases can be placed in the insulating glass unit and provide greater insulation than regular air.

Glass Spacer options

Spacer Systems

A spacer system keeps a window and door’s glass panes the correct distance apart and is designed to reduce heat transfer at the edge of the insulating glass unit.

Replacement Windows & Glass Doors – Styles & Operation

There are many different window and door styles and operating types. Here is a list of the various window and door styles, with information on how they function.

If you are interested in learning more about the different styles of windows and which operating type would be best for your home, get a free consultation.

Double Hung Replacement Windows in Houston Single Hung Windows
Double Hung Window
Both sash on Double Hung windows easily lifts
to open fully and tilts inward for easy cleaning.
Single Hung Window
Top sash of the window remains fixed, while bottom sash lifts open and tilts in for easy cleaning.
Double Slider Window Single Slider Window
Double Slider Window
This window has two sash that open and close by sliding from side to side.
Single Slider Window
One sash is fixed and does not move, while the other sash opens and closes by sliding from side to side.
3-lite slider window 3-lite Slider Window
This window has a fixed central sash that does not move, while the two sashes on either side open and close by sliding side-to-side. This window is idea for wide openings.
Casement Window Colonial Casement
Casement Window
The sash is hinged on one side of the window, and swings open a full 90-degrees* by turning the crank handle at the base.
Colonial Casement Window 
This window operates and provides the same great ventilation as a traditional Casement window but has a decorative meeting rail to give the look of a Double or Single Hung window.
Awning Window Picture Window
Awning Window
The sash as this window is hinged at the top and open outwards when you turn the crank handle at the base.
Picture Window
Picture windows are fixed and do not open or close.
Geometric Window Geometric Windows
Geometric windows are completely fixed windows that do not open or close but are available in variety of stylish shapes.

Bay WIndow



Bay Window
Bay windows are created by mulling three windows at either 30- or 45-degree angles that extend outward from the frame of the house.
Bow Window



Bow Window
Bow windows are similar to a Bay Window but are more rounded in appearance because the 3, 4 or 5 lite windows are mulled at 10-degree angles.
Patio Door



Patio Door
Patio Doors feature broad expanses of glass and easily slide to open and close. Available in 2-, 3- and 4-lite styles.
Garden Door Garden Door
Garden Doors operate like normal doors–they swing open. Garden Doors can have one fixed door, or both doors can swing in or out.


Not sure what is right for your home? If you’re looking for replacement glass doors or replacement windows in Houston, schedule a free consultation today!

Custom Color Coating Windows

Vivid Color™ by Superior Window Company offers window and door coatings that come in almost any color of the rainbow giving you endless design choices.  Our top coating system is composed of heat reflective pigments that offer brilliant color options while minimizing heat gain. The result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also adds additional energy-efficient properties to your windows and doors.
If you take a look at our comprehensive exterior color options you’ll quickly notice the vibrant, clear, and deep colors our Vivid Color™ System offers.  We not only make certain that the level of quality is high but we also designed the system for durability, and colorfastness all while limiting the impact on the environment.  Vivid Color™ is one of the first color coating systems that offered water-based, high-performance coatings in the industry.  Along with our high-performance window and door products, we’re happy to provide you with a time-tested environmentally friendly designer option to revamp the exterior look of your home.


When you select a Vivid Color™ option for your new windows and doors you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits including:

  • Vibrant colors
  • High-performance treatment
  • Heat Reflective Pigments
  • Lead-Free
  • Low VOC / EPA compliant
  • Non-flammable
  • UV resistance
  • 15-year warranty
  • High color and gloss retention

Why Superior Colorful Windows is different: Our coatings are water-based, and EPA compliant, ensuring that it will maintain its integrity with limited environmental impact – keeping you and your family safe from unnecessary chemicals.

AAMA approved and ASTM tested, our water-based polyurethane paint by is the safest high-performance finish you will ever find.  You’ll enjoy a brilliant color treatment that is heat resistant, energy-efficient, and colorfast. Our Vivid Color™ Coating System truly offers a fully comprehensive exterior color solution for your home.

It’s interesting to note that Vivid Color™ Coatings were developed as a result of working on aircraft projects. These aircraft projects proved to provide valuable lessons about durability and colorfastness in extreme and high-pressure conditions. It was this path of innovation is what led to utilizing similar technology and understanding to create superior color coatings for the home.