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Sliding Doors


Sliding doors have provided living spaces with unique passageways for many decades now.

With sleek designs and a wide-open feel, sliding glass doors can make any home feel inviting and luxurious.

At Superior Window Company, our replacement doors are designed with only the highest quality materials for maximum energy efficiency, durability, and elegance.

With our top of the line sliding door options, our team is well equipped to get you exactly what you need, exactly how you need!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Our Wide Variety of Replacement Sliding Doors.

You’re sure to love the elegant style and practical operation of our wide selection of Replacement Sliding Doors. 

With so many colors and options to choose from, our replacement doors will compliment your home in the best ways possible.

R301 Vinyl Sliding Doors Feature: 

  1. Steel Reinforcement
  2. Anti-Return Flag Draining System
  3. Mortise Door Handle with Key Lock Options
  4. Durability & Performance Enhancing 4 ⅝” frame
  5. High-Performance Low-E Energy Saving Glass
  6. A Dual Point Locking System for Security
  7. Optional Foot Lock for Additional Security
  8. Optional Sidelites & Toplites
  9. 5 Door Handle Finishing Options

R370 Vinyl Sliding Doors Feature:

  1. High-end performance and quality 
  2. Welded Frame & Panels 
  3. Easy to Install, Maintenance-Free PVC Construction & Integrated Nail Fin 
  4. Sizes Range Up to 16’ x 8’ (W x H) 
  5. Tandem Wheels designed for Smooth Operation 
  6. Minimized Air & Water Infiltration with structural transoms & Sidelites 
  7. Integrated Blinds with Low E Glass Available 

Urbania Aluminum Sliding Doors Feature: 

  1. Reinforced Frame & Sash 
  2. Anodized Sill 
  3. Thick Framing for Enhanced Durability & Performance 
  4. High-Performance Energy Saving Low-E Glass
  5. Contemporary Door & Handle Design 
  6. 3” Wide Sash for Expanded Views 
  7. Warm Edge Spacer System 
  8. Anti-Return Draining System Flap for Air & Moisture Control 
  9. Available in Standard & Asymmetrical Design 
  10. Numerous Handle Finish Options 
  11. Keyed Lock Option
  12. Custom Sizing Available 
  13. Two-Toned Options

Loft Series Aluminum Sliding Doors Feature:

  1. Reinforced Frame & Sash 
  2. 3” Wide Sash for Expanded Views 
  3. Contemporary Door & Handle Design 
  4. Thick Framing for Enhanced Durability & Performance 
  5. High-Performance Energy Saving Low-E Glass 
  6. Anodized Sill 
  7. Warm Edge Spacer System 
  8. Anti-Return Draining System Flap for Air & Moisture Control 
  9. Large Door Supporting Lift & Slide Mechanisms 
  10. Up to 12 Feet in Width Available 
  11. Numerous Handle Finish Options 
  12. Keyed Lock Option
  13. Two-Toned Options


At the Superior Window Company, we put all of our focus into offering Texans the very best replacement products available!

All of our sliding doors are made with your Texas home in mind and are specifically designed to provide maximum energy efficiency, durability, and quality appeal that will last.

Our sliding doors offer much more than smooth functionality; these products provide genuine character and efficiency to homes needing something a bit more open and luxurious.

For more information on our sliding doors, request your consultation or give us a call today at (936) 760-4404! We pride ourselves in offering top-of-the-line customer service and problem-solving-products that exceed expectations.