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Hinged Doors


Hinged doors are the most commonly used type of replacement door on the market and in houses all across America.

Although there are many styles of hinged doors, the simple intent is to allow the door to swing forward and backward smoothly while keeping the door securely suspended in place.

Hinged doors have always been a popular choice in the replacement door industry because they are easy to install, simple to operate, and can be designed to meet many different requirements.

Hinged doors come in many different forms, including:

  • French Doors
  • Single Interior & Exterior Doors
  • Folding Doors
  • Storm Doors

Regardless of your hinged door style preferences, we have what you need!

Superior Window Company offers only the highest quality energy-efficient replacement doors available, all designed to fit your style and meet your functionality needs!

A Replacement Entry Door to Satisfy Any Style.

Aside from style and functionality, replacement doors are readily available in different materials- such as steel, fiberglass, and wood clad, all of which offer their own diverse price points and advantages.

Keep reading to find out more.

Steel Hinged Door - Entry Replacement Door

Steel Hinged Doors

Our LEGACY STEEL hinged replacement doors make an excellent addition to any home.

Made with heavy 20 gauge steel, our LEGACY doors provide maximum durability, high energy efficiency performance, and an exquisite appearance! These well-made doors offer you 49% more galvanized steel than the standard 24 gauge door.

By utilizing steel reinforcement within the LEGACY doors, as well as high-strength heat-cured adhesives and foam insulation; we offer a state-of-the-art Energy Star certified and fully secured steel door product that is perfect for any home.

Our LEGACY STEEL door is just what you need if you are looking for an energy-efficiency and maximum durability replacement door option.

Our Steel Door Benefits:

  • Custom Widths & Heights of up to 8 Feet
  • Embossed Texture for a Genuine Wood Appearance
  • Artistic Character Accentuating Details
  • Deep Shadow Lines
  • Rich Contouring
Texas-Made Replacement Door at the Entrance of a home

Fiberglass Hinged Doors 

Our SIGNET FIBERGLASS hinged replacement doors offer a stunning genuine wood appearance with all of the preferred advantages fiberglass material has to offer.

SIGNET doors are structurally superior to any other fiberglass replacement door option on today’s market, making them an excellent choice.

The SIGNET door hinges and strike stiles are incredibly robust and form a fully integrated frame that ensures the product’s strength and durability.

SIGNET FIBERGLASS Wood Look Style Options Include:

  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Knotty Alder
  • Fir
  • Smooth

Our Fiberglass Door Benefits:

  • A High-Quality Genuine Wood Look & Feel
  • Several Mesmerizing Wood Look Stain Options
  • Old World Craftsmanship
  • Energy-Efficient ComforTech Glass Options
Steel Hinged Door - Entry Replacement Door

Wood-Clad Hinged Doors

Our WOOD CLAD hinged replacement doors offer the very best of both worlds when it comes to design and efficiency. 

These wood-clad doors provide high energy efficiency and longevity by utilizing an inner natural wood material paired with an incredibly durable extruded aluminum exterior.

Interior Wood Species Options:

  • Clear Select Pine
  • Douglas Fir
  • Natural Alder

Our wood-clad doors also offer countless options for exterior colors, finished stain interior colors, hardware, and more.  Our Wood Clad Entry Doors are sure to make a statement in your home.


When it comes to hinged doors, you can rely on the Superior Window Company to provide you with the highest quality products available, backed by energy-efficient materials that are more than capable of meeting your replacement door needs.

Our drive to provide the very best products and customer service makes us the top choice for your replacement door needs.

From French doors to patio doors, our expert team of professionals is more than happy to help you get exactly what you need!

For more information on our hinged doors, request your consultation or give us a call today at (936) 760-4404! We pride ourselves in offering top-of-the-line customer service and problem-solving-products that exceed expectations.