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Replacement Doors


Nothing is quite as pleasing as a custom-made replacement door.

The material, time, and expert craftsmanship that go into our doors are exceptional.

Manufactured in the heart of Amish country, our replacement doors are designed with a perfect balance of traditional quality and modern technology.

Not only do our high-quality doors provide visual appeal, security, and energy savings, they also add value to your home.

With expert experience and state-of-the-art product offerings, we provide our customers with the ability to create a perfectly tailored door to their style and needs.

Each of our replacement doors is a unique creation developed in three simple steps:

  • First, you choose your preferred replacement door construction materials, from rich and lustrous fiberglass to incredibly durable steel.
  • Next, we can help you develop a style by choosing from our wide range of glass features.
  • Lastly, you get to hand-select all finishing touches of hardware & accessories.

To learn more about selecting high-quality replacement doors for your home, complete the in-home consultation request form or contact us today.

Replacement Door
Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. High-quality replacement doors that have been installed correctly can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency and overall comfort level.

The most common signs you may need to replace your door include:

  • Noisiness
  • Difficult operation
  • Dragging
  • Temperature escape and/or intrusion
  • Bugs easily getting into your home
  • Broken or worn seals and framing
  • Visible damage
  • Outdated design/material
  • First, carefully weigh out your material options, i.e., wood, steel, fiberglass, etc.
  • Consider security
  • Understand your energy efficiency needs and shop accordingly
  • Select a style that fits your home and preferences
  • Lastly, and most importantly, choose a reputable door replacement company.

Energy efficiency can vary significantly from one product to another and some options may not fit your needs quite the way you would like them to.

The best way to determine which product will offer suitable energy efficiency for your home is to pay close attention to the Energy Star rating values and consult with an expert replacement door company.

Generally, fiberglass, steel, and wood replacement doors should last the lifetime of your home if they are correctly installed and remain shielded by an adequate overhang.


There are many advantages to replacing your home’s old doors.

Whether you are looking for an Entry door, Patio door, French door, Storm door, Sliding, or Gliding door, we’ve got a variety of unique selections just for you!

All of our doors are individually customized to meet the visual and practical needs of the homeowner.

Some of What Makes Us the Top Choice in Replacement Doors Include:
  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency is more important now than ever before, which is why all of our replacement doors are Energy Star qualified. Our energy-efficient doors provide unbeatable savings on heating and cooling costs, a comfortable living space, and the prevention of sun-damaged flooring and furnishings.

  • Security

    Your home's safety is a priority; because of this, we build our doors' lock and deadbolt areas with steel plate reinforcement. This 20-gauge steel plate ensures a level of security that can't be found in generic door products.

  • Durability

    Our fully equipped and completely customizable replacement door systems consist of top quality construction, using only the finest materials, backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

  • Designer Style

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression. With our custom replacement door options, you can always greet your guests with style and confidence. From woodgrain embossing, rich wood stains, exclusive color finishes, and decorative glass patterns to camming, you are provided limitless ways to create the perfect door.

Texas-Made Steel Replacement Door


The need for replacement doors is often overlooked unless wear and tear are overwhelmingly noticeable; because of this, many homeowners end up unknowingly spending too much on their utility bills, among other things.

Here are a few signs that you need of a replacement door:

Doors that creak and hinges that squeak aren’t just annoying – they’re a sign that there is a problem.

Trusty oils may make the problems go away temporarily, but they are only a bandage on an issue that will continue to persist.

Hinges that have been worn down are a good sign that the door itself is wearing down and needs replacing. Additionally, loose hinges allow doors to be forced open easily, which leaves your home vulnerable.

If your door drags along the floor when you open and close it, then it’s time to look at replacement options. Old doors (particularly wood doors) are commonly susceptible to warping and sagging.

Not only is this inconvenient to you by making it difficult to operate your door, but it can damage your floors as well!

Drafts are a common sign that it’s time for a replacement door. As doors age, the seals can shrink and crack, causing negative changes in your utility bills and comfort.

If you are regularly noticing ants, spiders, or even lizards within your home, there is a good chance they are coming through your door! Doors that don’t close properly can easily let in unwanted pests, which can quickly become a nuisance and possible health hazard.

If you can see visible cracks in your door, there is no doubt you need a replacement immediately. Not only do cracks in your door allow drafts and bugs in, but they are also a sign that the door is structurally weak, which is a significant safety concern for your home.


If any of the previous concerns sound familiar, it’s likely time you replace a door or two in your home.

We encourage our customers to refrain from replacing their home’s first line of defense with generic doors that will end recreating the same problem all too soon.

Instead, you should upgrade to a custom replacement door you can rely on to do more than keep the bugs out!

Regardless of which door you need to have replaced, request your in-home consultation today!

We are happy to help you select and create replacement doors that fit your home and lifestyle!