houston sunrooms

Houston Sunrooms and Enclosures

The outdoors are both filled with beauty and fraught with inconveniences. There’s sunlight and fresh air, then there’s mosquitos and heat rays. Imagine having your own personal bubble, through which you could observe all of the beauty but stay protected from all the annoyances. By installing a sunroom or some other such outdoor enclosure onto your house, you are allowing yourself to have such a bubble.

The usefulness of a sunroom is incredibly high. Due to the semi-outdoor nature of sunrooms, the versatility of their potential purposes is limitless. Sunrooms are indoors, so they could be given a permanent purpose in the home, made into a game room, home office, exercise room, plant room, etc. But sunrooms are outdoors as well, so they could function as a patio does and be a place to entertain guests and throw parties.

Sunrooms are consistently rated as one of the highest value home additions, so adding one not only provides a new space for the family; it also adds a lot of equity to your home and significantly raises your resale value. Sunrooms let a lot of natural light into the home, so artificial electric lights can be used less, saving both the environment and the electric bill. Sunlight has also been proven to be good for one’s health, lowering stress and preventing anxiety and depression. The usefulness of a sunroom cannot be overstated.

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Four Season Sunroom

A four season sunroom is constructed in such a way to provide the same semi-indoor atmosphere of a three season sunroom, but in a way that protects from the elements of nature all year round.

  • 3 ¼” fully integrated enclosure system
  • High performance glass options
  • Two color choices: White, Almond
  • Barrier that breaks the cycle of fluctuating seasonal temperatures
  • Integrated electrical channels

Screen Enclosure

Putting this NatureVue screen made of permanent glass yarn around your patio or other desired outdoor space will keep bugs and other such annoyances out without obstructing your view of your surroundings.

  • 2 ½” thick Wall System
  • Only visible a few feet away to prevent people from walking into it
  • Screen allows airflow
  • Three color choices: White, Almond, Bronze
  • Either 1 ¾” or 3” Roof System
  • Included electrical channels
  • Standard gutter system

Patio Cover

Patio covers can add a wonderful little overhead protection to your outdoor spaces without intruding on the overall design of your home.

  • Modern design for more open views
  • Heavy duty Aluminum construction
  • Three powdercoat finish color choices: White, Almond, Bronze
  • Multiple woodgrain designs available
  • Either 1 ¾” or 3” insulated Roof System
  • Added strength and durability
  • Integrated electrical channels
  • Standard gutter system


The arbor covering is much like the patio cover in design, in that it is an open-air roof above the patio supported by two beams, but it has a fundamental difference in style: the roof of the arbor is slotted, giving it a much more decorative feel.

  • Modern design for more open views
  • Heavy duty Aluminum construction
  • Three color choices: White, Almond, Bronze
  • 1 3/4” or 3” insulated Roof System for thermal performance
  • 4”x4” or 6”x 6” Post Options
  • Extruded Beam for added strength and durability
  • Standard gutter system; can integrate with existing gutters