The need for replacement doors is often overlooked unless it is overwhelmingly obviously a new door is needed or a door is being replaced for a new look. Because of this, though, many get a replacement door later than they should after they have been spending too much on their utility bills among other things. Here are some signs you are in need of a replacement door:

  1. Your door makes noise. Doors that creak and hinges that squeak aren’t just annoying – they’re a sign that there is a problem. Trusty oils may make the problems go away temporarily, but they are only a bandage for a problem that will continue to persist. Hinges that have been worn down are a good sign that the door itself is wearing down as well and needs to be replaced. Plus, hinges that are loose allow the door to be forced open easily, which leaves your home vulnerable.
  2. Your door is hard to open and drags along the floor. If your door drags along the floor when you open and close it, it is definitely time to take a look at it. Old doors (particularly wood) can warp or sag. Not only is this inconvenient to you as it is more effort to use the door, but it can damage your floors as well! Screen doors that are resistant in their tracks when opening or closing them should also be checked.
  3. Your home is experiencing drafts. Drafts are a tell-tale sign it’s time for a replacement door. As a door ages, the seals can shrink and crack. If you have been noticing temperature differences including changes in your utility bills, check around your doors for drafts.
  4. You’re experiencing the creepy crawlies. If you notice a high amount of ants, spiders, other insects, or here in Texas small geckos or lizards even, there is a high possibility they are coming it through your door! A door that doesn’t close properly can easily let in these pests, which can be a nuisance and a possible health hazard.
  5. Visible signs of wear and cracks. If you can see visible cracks in your door, there is no doubt you need a replacement door immediately. Not only do cracks in your door allow in drafts and bugs, but they are also a sign that the door is structurally weak which is a safety concern for your family.

Regardless which door needs replaced, call your Houston Replacement Door experts today. We will help you choose the replacement door that is best for you!