We value our reputation as the best company for replacement windows in Houston. We love our city—the culture, the parks, the architecture and HEB…yes H-E-B. You see, if you’re a Houston native, you understand the magic of HEB and why everything just tastes better from HEB. You also understand other facts of life in Houston that outsiders (we’re lookin’ at you Dallas) just don’t understand.

It’s a Houston Thing

Houstonians are VERY proud of our city and will defend her honor against anyone (again, lookin’ at you Dallas!) who talks bad about Houston. Sure, we have flooding of biblical proportions at times, traffic that rivals Los Angeles, and good luck getting ANYONE to go slower than 95mph on the highways—but we are Houston Strong and Houston Proud. If you are a native or at least have called Houston from for at least a decade—you will relate to everything on this list.

The Dallas Vs. Houston Bitter Rivalry:

What do you get when you have Texas’ two largest and most well-known cities within just 4 hours of each other? A lot of beef, and we aren’t talking steaks here. To be honest,it’s quite petty as most will admit, but petty or not here we come—because hey, it’s fun to tease Dallas, right?

No one really knows where, when or why the rivalry began but it all boils down to this fact that neither side wants to admit—Dallas and Houston are really carbon copies of each other, in a nearly literal sense. It’s not hard to see some of the examples of these similarities such as:

Neighborhood Bordering Downtown That Is Old Money Dominated – Highland Park (Dallas) / River Oaks (Houston)

Decaying, Yet Historic Stadium That No One Wants To Finally Let Go Of – Cotton Bowl (Dallas) / Astrodome (Houston)

Big 80’s Era Shopping Mall For The Wealthy And Luxury Brand Hounds– The Galleria (Dallas / The Galleria (Houston), Both developed by Hines Interests Corp.

Horribly Congested Highway Loop Around The City – 635 (Dallas) / 610 (Houston)

Failed Downtown Retail Development – The West End (Dallas) / Bayou Place (Houston)

Hugely Popular Agricultural Based Festival Held Annually– State Fair Of Texas (Dallas) / Rodeo Houston (Houston) Ok, we have to be honest, Dallas has us beat on this one by a long shot—but we’re coming up!

The list actually could go on and on even down to carbon copied local celebrities that have their counterpart in either city. Yes, Houstonians, it’s time to fess up—we smack talk Dallas because they are just like us. So let’s just get along and be TEXAS Strong—that’s going to be a fantastic t-shirt idea.

Summer Road Trips Must Include a Buc-ee’s Stop

Combine a massive gas station with at least 50 pumps, a gigantic convenience store that rivals most grocers, and a cute, gigantic cartoon beaver—and you have the oddity that is Buc-ee’s. Formerly just a Houston thing, as expansion throughout Texas has been at a rapid pace—Texans cite Buc-ee’s as the number one place to make a pit stop in the entire US. You may come for the ultra-clean restrooms—but you end up spending an hour inside and walking out with hundreds of dollars of food, unnecessary knick-knacks, and… a sack of “Beaver Nuggets.” Admit it, you’ve done it too, and you’re not alone. There should be a Buc-ee’s addicts support group. But a road trip just isn’t complete without that famous Beaver smiling at you from the interstate.

Dogging Other Cities Cuisine, Because Houston Cuisine Is Infallible

When you grow up in a city as diverse culturally as Houston, you tend to get spoiled with the variety of cuisine available throughout the city. Given our dense population and diverse ethnic makeup—the competition for having the best authentic regional and ethnic cuisine is tough. That competition spurs greatness and so Houston has become known worldwide for our excellent cuisine spanning all cultures. This leads to a bit of shock when you travel to other cities and can’t find the green salsa at Mexican restaurants like El Tiempo, that Pho with the good meat, or that lemonade as magical as Irma’s Original. Sure, other places have close imitations but you just have some Houstonians (you know who you are) who are so spoiled and declare all other cities food as garbage. Hey, it’s a Houston thing we’re just happiest at home…sorryDallas. (we’re half kidding)

Driving Like NASCAR On Hardy Toll Rd (And Every Freeway For That Matter)

All cities have their own crazy driver characteristics. Dallas has the no look, no signal 4-inch clearance lane change, Brownsville has the—well, they have no rules, and Austin residents walk because it’s faster than waiting in the traffic on 35. Houston however, takes driving to the level of daredevilsport. As one of the largest suppliers of replacement windows in Houston, we are on the road a lot (driving safely), so we know. If you drive the speed limit—you’regetting honked at, passed and being told your #1 in some sort of sign language all at once. If you aren’t doing at least 25 over the speed limit you’ll get runoff the road—speed limits are just suggestions here and running up the “YOUR SPEED” signs is a competitive sport.

Hairspray Is A Commodity Here

When you have a city that is in one of the most southern states, with tropical-liketemperatures and so close to sea level—you get humidity that rivals a rainforest. No,we don’t mean that kitschy jungle themed café serving your kids “dino nuggets” and fries. We are talking South America, mosquitos the size of J.J. Watt and humidity level 1000% type of rainforest. Ladiesand some of you guys that are “woke” about your grooming skills know what that means. It means hairspray is not a luxury here, it is a commodity as important as air conditioning. Texas has always been known for big hair, and here in the land of perpetual humidity, it is no different. Hairspray might as well be sold in barrels at Sam’s at bulk rates, and who knows maybe it already is. After all everything is bigger here in Texas, especially hair—with a lot of help from some Acquaint—otherwise,those lovely locks drop faster thanyour Facebook stock.

Last But Not Least… Queso Is LIFE.

Texans are no strangers to our namesake, “Tex-Mex” food, specifically that delicacy known simply as “queso.” Now, if you want to be truly Texan you must butcher the pronunciation and say “kay-so,” as so many do. What makes Houston different though is we are spoiled with our queso here. We can go to about any tex-mexrestaurant in Houston and have a bowl of queso that is truly superior toall other cities. Heck, some restaurants even have people happily forking over 15 bucks for a bowl of the golden yellow delicacy. The bottom line is, queso is life in Houston and if you order Mexican food and turn down the queso, your Houstonian card might just get revoked.


We Are Houston Strong, Houston Proud

As you can see, one doesn’t just live in Houston. “Houstonian” becomes your identity not just your roots. Superior Window company has been serving our fellow Houstonians with replacement windows in Houston for over a decade. We aren’t some huge multi-national corporation, we are Houston residents just like you. We love our HEB, our road trips to Buc-ee’s, laughing at Dallasites who say “service road” and most of all we love our city. We know what Houston families need when it comes to replacement windows and we deliver—with quality and reliability.

From huge bay windows to custom-fit replacement windows, we have the experience and products that will increase the value of your homeand decrease your utility bills. Contact us today and see why when it comes to replacement windows in Houston—we are Superior.