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Energy-Efficient Windows


Beautifully hand-crafted energy-efficient windows custom-designed to keep your home comfortable, protected from the elements, and save you money on energy year after year.

At Superior, we have a large variety of energy-efficient windows for our customers to choose from, even in custom shapes and sizes, making style and efficiency easy to achieve.

Your choice of glass is an important part of choosing the right energy-efficient windows for your home. Because over 40% of your annual energy costs come from heating and cooling, we ensure that the glass of our energy-efficient windows fully insulate your home throughout the year for maximum efficiency.  Replacing your old windows with Energy Star certified windows has saved 12% nationwide on household energy bills.

Also, look into replacing your windows with windows with a lower solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) rating.  The number indicates how well a window blocks heat – the lower the rating the more heat the window keeps out.

Overall no matter what quality standard you choose, the window installation must be done properly the first time to ensure professional-grade installation and lasting performance.

At Superior Window Company, all of our installation team members go through an extensive training program to guarantee the professional installation of energy-efficient windows that last.

Texas-Made Replacement Windows in a Beautiful Dining Room

Aluminum windows offer extreme strength and state-of-the-art thermal performance.

Texas-Made Vinyl Replacement Windows in a Master Bedroom

Vinyl windows offer a perfect combination of leading technology and handcrafted design.

Aluminum Replacement Windows

Natural wood-clad windows serve as one of the most energy-efficient options available.


Energy-Efficient Window Glass Options:

  • Double-pane

    Double-pane energy-efficient windows are built with two panes of glass encasing air or gas to create a sealed and insulated window unit.

  • Triple-pane

    Triple-pane energy-efficient windows are built with three panes of double-strength glass, which creates two separate air/gas spaces to increase temperature resistance.

  • Impact-resistant Laminated

    Impact-resistant energy-efficient windows are built with a heavy-duty interior layer of glass for increased safety, sound control, UV protection, and energy efficiency.

  • SCZ (Southern Climate Zone)

    SCZ Glass outperforms 95% of the triple-pane energy-efficient windows that are sold in today's market. These energy-efficient windows are designed to let in light without the heat. SCZ glass is the top-performing choice for all Texan homes.

Energy-Efficient Windows Made in Texas, For Texan Homes

At Superior Window Company, we understand the need for maximum energy efficiency in the great state of Texas. High-quality replacement windows that offer maximum energy savings are our number one priority.

Texas experiences intense heat waves every year, along with ever-changing and unpredictable weather conditions; thus, we design all of our energy-efficient windows with the Texas climate in mind to ensure optimal energy efficiency. 

To learn more about how our Texas-designed custom energy-efficient windows can upgrade your home and save you money give us a call today at (281) 7747-5999.

We guarantee replacement windows you can count on!