Windsor’s Legend products combine the look of natural wood with the unmatched performance and durability of cellular PVC. Highly resilient CPVC construction keeps Legend windows free from rotting, warping, cracking, sticking and swelling, even in the harshest coastal conditions. And with fine attention to detail, including a variety of trim and grille options, Legend’s traditional beauty and solid wood feel make it suitable for use in many historical renovations.

Blending the strength of the Legend CPVC frame with a wood clad sash, Legend HBR from Windsor represents the next advancement in hybrid window and door technology. Beautiful wood craftsmanship and the paintable exterior cellular PVC frame make Legend HBR a versatile choice for use for replacement, new construction or historical applications.

With windows and doors offered in a variety of standard sizes and various custom sizes, you’re sure to find a Legend product suited to your every need.

See What Sets Legend Apart


Traditional styling combines with lasting durability in Legend windows and doors from Windsor. Through our cutting-edge construction process, high-density cellular PVC is utilized for its superior weather resistance and ability to simulate the look of real, painted wood.

This unique vinyl extrusion is renowned for high endurance and resistance to cracks, swelling and other weather-related issues. Unlike other vinyl products, Legend cellular PVC windows and doors are easily painted* and can be bent to fit nearly any custom radius product.

Providing all of the aesthetic appeal of natural fibers, with none of the drawbacks, Legend has made a name for itself as the product of choice when you want the look of wood and the no-rot performance of vinyl.


Silicone glazing increases energy efficiency and weatherproofing by inhibiting heat and cold conduction and a tight seal against water infiltration.


Windsor Windows & Doors is proud to be an ENERGY STAR partner. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on our products, which means those models meet EPA guidelines for energy efficiency. Performance data is available on our website at


The Legend product line offers a 25-year transferrable guarantee on exterior CPVC components, a 20-year non-prorated glass warranty against seal failure and a 10-year warranty on other parts.


Our highly-automated glass line requires no manual manipulation – dramatically reducing seal failures caused by human contact with the glass – while our robotic equipment provides an incredible level of accuracy for a fast and efficient material flow.


Super Spacer dual-seal moisture barrier technology provides one of the most thermally efficient spacers in the marketplace, meeting or exceeding Energy Star guidelines in all zones. All-foam Super Spacer reduces heat and cold conduction, which results in more comfortable living for homeowners and fewer callbacks for builders.


Windsor products feature LoE 366 glass with a coating that alters the way glass transmits visible and invisible light. LoE 366 decreases heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Reduced ultraviolet light penetration also helps prevent your furniture, drapes and carpet from fading.

If you’re searching for Dual Low-E and tempered insulated glass, look no further than Windsor. Combining Cardinal LoE 366 soft coating with Cardinal i89 LoE, the Dual Low-E glazing option creates clear, insulated glass with superior performance.


As a replacement product, Legend windows present key advantages over conventional vinyl windows. Often, vinyl replacements act as a cover for old, rotting frames or exterior casings, while also reducing overall glass size. Legend retains your glass size while providing a paintable replacement window.*

*For exterior paint applications, Windsor does not recommend the application of paints with an LRV rating of 54 or lower. For darker paint colors with an LRV rating of 54 or lower, you must use a product that has been specifically developed for application on PVC and follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Windsor is not liable for paint used on our Legend windows or the result of its use. Please review the instructions and guidelines found in Windsor’s Care and Use Guide.