Finding The Source of a Window Leak

Welcome to Seattle, Texas! Well of course it’s not Seattle, but the weather for the last couple of weeks has definitely set that mood. Constant cold wind-driven rain has caused a few folks with old windows to call us about leaks. Water is a wonderful thing, but it will ruin a home.

In fact, here’s a home window we inspected this week:window leak
Four years ago this window was replaced by the actual homeowner who didn’t have much experience in replacing windows. Built-in 1979 his home came complete with wood windows. After the recent rains, water began to seep into his home causing soaking the walls around the window frame.

Frustrated, he decided to call Superior Windows.

“The dangers of keeping leaky windows around is not only damage to your home, but also to your health,” Dale Brock, owner of Superior Window Company, says. “We should be concerned about mold, especially in our climate,” he continued.

If you’re a homeowner, make sure to check the exterior window and door openings at least twice a year for damaged or very old caulk. Replace the old damaged caulk by cleaning the frame of the window or door before recaulking.

Don’t forget to also check the sealant between the window frame and the glass. If your window is double-paned, you should have a band of metal on all four sides that seals itself. Failure of this metal seal can cause moisture to form between the two panes.

You might find that the gasket failed or loose which can allow water to infiltrate your home.

Using a clear silicone caulk seal the glass to the gasket. Check the bottom flat part of the window frame, also knowns as the sill, and make sure it’s set correctly to drain water to the outside. Inspect the frame and trim with a screwdriver for decayed or softwood.

Open your window and look inside the sash and frame with more focus on the underside.

If your finding decayed or damp wood give us a call here at Superior Windows. It’s time to replace your home windows, especially if they have been leaking for quite some time.


We understand the need for reliable and high-quality products when it comes to buying replacement windows for your home, which is exactly why we only offer the very best windows, made by Texans for the Texas climate.

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