Vinyl vs. Wood

There are so many options to consider when it comes to replacement windows. In a previous post we addressed Single Hung Windows vs. Double Hung Windows, but another important comparison for consideration is Vinyl Windows vs. Wood Windows. What are the most energy efficient windows? What kind of maintenance do they require? How much do they cost? These are all factors to consider when choosing replacement windows.

If you thoroughly research the subject, though, you’re going to find that it’s almost unanimous that the obvious choice is Vinyl Replacement Windows. They don’t rot or require repainting. Plus they aren’t susceptible to sun damage and heat which can cause wood to warp and fade. They are overall more durable.

Vinyl windows are great insulators which makes them energy efficient, and they are about 10% less expensive than wood. So that means you would save money all around – on your electric bill, on maintenance, and on the initial cost.

The biggest reason for choosing wood would be style. Many people enjoy the look of wood. What if you could get that same look, though, with all the same great features of vinyl? I’m sure you know what we’re going to say. You CAN! Woodgrain laminates are available in a variety of woodgrains like cherry, oak and maple . So you can have the gorgeous look without all the upkeep over time.

Vinyl clearly is a great choice in which you can have confidence. It can withstand the Texas heat without problems and aren’t susceptible to other issues like termites, corrosion and air pollutants. They are much easier to clean and often a quick clean is all you need to have them looking like new again! Wood, on the other hand, doesn’t improve with a simple cleaning and will need to be replaced much sooner than vinyl.

All factors considered, it just makes sense that if it is vinyl vs. wood, you can’t go wrong with vinyl!


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