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Top 7 Ways to Increase Property Value

When was the last time you sold a used car for more than its original price? Unless you are a seasoned automobile dealer, it probably has not happened without some sheer luck. Conversely, real estate virtually never loses its equity. In fact, increasing property value need not be a major undertaking. Consider some of these suggestions if you are looking to increase property value:

1) Start with curb appeal to enhance property value.

Even the greatest interior design may be moot if the property is not appealing at the potential buyer’s first impression. Draw the eye to the front door with a trendy color that complements the brick or siding of the house. Think about what would make the property stand out on the block, but make sure to not use gaudy or obnoxious colors. Windows and window dressings inside and out can make all the difference; contemporary shutters can make dull front lively.

2) Go for 21st century sustainability and “green.”

Consider investing in solar panels or add small gardens of herbs and edible flowers. If the house is mid-20th century, there is a possibility of asbestos or lead paint. This can be costly, but removal will pay off in the long run in the selling price.

3) Open up the floorplan and devise more space.

Divided floorplans and walls are more yesteryear. If it is not possible to take out walls, especially if they are weight bearing, enhance the smaller spaces as usable bookshelves, storage, or to display mementos.

4) Carpeting is no longer very popular largely due to hygienic reasons.

Many older homes have beautiful hardwood floors hiding underneath that carpet. If that is not a viable option, consider an economically friendly laminate, but steer away from cheap flooring.

5) Lighten up.

Yesteryear’s dark paneled appeal is outdated. Seek out whites, ivories, and other light enhancing properties. Neutral colors are best. Consider adding a sunlight to the kitchen (or perhaps that solar panel you have added above can service a bright ceiling window to the cook’s area). Avoid thematic decor that limits buyer appeal. For example, that jungle bathroom may have been your teenage son’s dream, but the family with four girly daughters may be discouraged by the thought of a bathroom remake.

6) Consider repairing or replacing that squeaky ceiling fan in the living room.

Perhaps you might want to completely remove it rather than drawing attention to pesky repairs that need be done by the buyer. That loose molding that might seem innocuous near the top of the stairs might not be an oversight to a family who needs a sturdy move-in ready home or to a busy executive who does not have time to fix it.

7) Spend a few bucks on a modest amount of scented candles and floral arrangements.

Play soft music in the background when the property is to be shown. Make sure that windows invite the outside inward while respecting privacy. A simple floral arrangement on the windowsill works well.

Remember, property value can be exponentially increased with small investments such as these. It would also be a good idea to check out Home and Garden TV (HGTV) for additional ideas that are working in the current market. Increasing property value and marketability need not be a major undertaking, and great ideas to do just that abound.


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