Top 3 Reasons Why Your Houston Windows Might Break This Year
Woman looking out through a broken window
Top 3 Reasons Why Your Houston Windows Might Break This Year

It’s a new year! Want to know the top 3 reasons why your Houston windows might break this year? Superior fills you in so you can save a window or two this year.

  1. Backyard Sports

Backyard sports and broken windows go together like peanut butter and jelly. If your backyard regularly gets used as a (insert any sport name here) field or court, then that’s likely the reason you’ll need a replacement window this year. It could be that a baseball will get batted into your window or that a soccer ball will find its way into your living room instead of the goal. It’s best to take some precautions and play a safe distance away from any windows, but keep in mind that accidents can still happen. We don’t have anything against sports, but they are a top cause of broken windows.

  1. Animal Accidents

Animals are great. We make movies about them, see them at the zoo, and even make them a part of our families. They can also be the reason your window will break this year. Imagine you are playing a game of catch with your dog, Max. You throw the ball, it goes towards the window, but Max doesn’t stop; he crashes straight the window instead. Sometimes birds can be confused by windows as well. They have been known to damage windows by flying straight into them. If that isn’t strange enough, we’d like to remind you of the deer who broke through the window of a sixth-grade classroom and charged the teacher down. Yes, animals are great, but they do break windows.

  1. Yard Work

You’ve got to keep the grass green and the bushes and trees trimmed. When you are out there doing yard work, there’s a good chance a window might get broken. As you are making a pass with a lawnmower or weed eater, an object could fly out and strike your window. It’s always a good idea to do a quick check of any areas you’ll be running over to make sure they are free of any potential lawnmower ammunition.  Then you can cut your grass in peace knowing that you probably won’t break any windows this time around.

Many times the causes of broken windows are simply out of your hands. You took all the precautions necessary, but you still end up with shattered glass. Whenever a window breaks in your home and you need a replacement, call Superior Window Company at 281-747-5999 to schedule a consultation.



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