Tinting: Not Just for Car Windows

So, you’ve bought great new replacement windows from Superior Window Company but the Texas sun is beaming through your blinds despite your best efforts. Looking for ways to keep your home cool and save as much financially is a question that many homeowners ask themselves. Energy efficient replacement windows like those sold by Superior Window cut out a major amount of heat. The UV rays of the sun, however still can bring extra heat and discolor furniture. Making subtle updates to the core parts of your home, whether it’s installing replacement windows or adding newer shingles to your roof, is probably one of the best ways to counteract rising heating and cooling costs. It never hurts however to add even another layer of protection from the Houston heat.

One of these subtle updates is improving your replacement windows through the addition of window tints.  Home window tinting provides you with at least three benefits: a much more stylized viewpoint from outside, added energy efficiency and protection for your furnishings inside.

The first advantage is that tinted replacement windows help accentuate the exterior of your home with a much slicker design and tint hue.  Think of how window tints look on the back window shield of a car, tone the color down just a bit, and that’s how your home’s replacement windows would look from the outside.

Secondly, window tints help where it matters most by improving the energy efficiency standard of your home.  By opting for a lower E-value tint in colder climates, any heat trapped indoors during the winter will, for the most part, stay inside and keep your gas bills at a much more moderate range.  Here in this Houston heat though, a higher grade E-value would keep the interior much cooler because the majority of the sun’s UV rays are unable to penetrate the thick film.

No matter which grade you prefer, replacement windows tinting is great because it adds more defensive measures for your home’s furnishings. Blocking UV rays from entering through your windows helps prevent the fabrics of your curtain, chairs and carpet from degrading faster than usual.  Not to mention, oak tables and bannisters can be better protected from fading spots and splintering that may result from overexposure to the Texas sun.

Window tinting is not something many Houston homeowners think about. The most common response is that it seems to difficult to accomplish or that it takes too long. Our team of installation professionals will work in a timely manner to have your tinting done right the first time, every time.

There’s a reason why we’re one of the fastest growing replacement windows & door companies in Houston. Superior believes in providing a competitive price without the loss of quality and service. Contact us today for an in-home consultation and we’ll be happy to assist you. Superior Window Company offers replacement windows and doors for homes, condominiums, townhomes and multi-family units throughout the Houston area. We provide everything from in-home demonstrations to product selection and installation of replacement windows and doors. Call us today if you are wanting to tint your windows and protect your home from the UV rays this summer!


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