Things Houston Window Companies Do That’ll Make You Go “Hmmm”
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Things Houston Window Companies Do That’ll Make You Go “Hmmm”

Whenever we spend our hard-earned money somewhere, we expect that we should be treated well and given quality products or services. As we all know, a lot of times that simply isn’t the case. A rude waitress at a restaurant makes us think “How is this person still working here?” Or maybe we were promised a high-quality product only to find that it breaks down in a few months or never worked correctly in the first place. Houston window companies are no exception. The things they do will often make you say “hmmm.” Here are a few true stories from customers of Houston window companies that we’ve gathered from online reviews. No names will be mentioned.

1. A Gift for a Child

A customer from a certain window company left this review: “AWFUL experience!!!! Product is fine, it was the installation and customer service that was unacceptable.  A box cutter was left on my 10-year old’s bed.  Glass was left all over my yard.  I was told 1-2 days for the job to be completed and it took 4.” It’s always good when you get a “fine” product, but not when you get a few unwanted gifts along with it. Apparently, this window company thought it would be a good idea to give a 10-year old a box cutter for Christmas. Don’t worry parents, you weren’t left out- it’s a glassy yard for you. Make sure your window company knows how to clean up after themselves.

2. The Leaky House

This customer had some decent windows until she called a certain replacement window company. She writes, “I had survived Ike without a drop of water in my house and THEN decided I needed to install hurricane windows.  Now the windows leak with normal rain and [Bad Window Company] claims it is not the installation of the windows that is causing the leaks.  They refuse to take responsibility for the poor installation job they have done, and now their windows are ruining my home.” Unfortunately, we’ve seen poor installations many times and have had to fix the problems other window companies left behind. Some companies will even install window frames that are already warping. They should just advertise “Pre-Warped Replacement Windows.”

3. The Short-lived Windows

This customer probably thought their new windows would last a little longer. He reports, “The windows are probably built well enough, but the installers do less than a stellar job installing them. After 2 and 1/2 years the installation seem to be coming undone. Also the installers left without cleaning up and left glass on my floors. I would not use them again.” Here we see it again; poor installation and a mess left behind. Companies who do this type of work should be short-lived just like their windows.

Houston Window Companies

We can’t speak for other Houston window companies, but at Superior Window Company, we strive for excellence from the initial measurements to the clean-up afterward. If we do receive complaints (which is very rare), we do our best to satisfy the customer. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation. You won’t end up with a story like the above.


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