Things About Houston We Are Thankful For

Things About Houston We Are Thankful For

I am a Northeasterner by birth, but a Houstonian by grace. While I grew up in the northeast, when I moved to Texas; the culture just hooked me. The humble and friendly attitudes, the southern hospitality and caring for one another that Texas seems to be known for—all of that helped me mold the values that go into the core of Superior Window Company.

We saw how people treated each other here in Texas; the “yes ma’am, no ma’am manners, the laughter and the sense of community and that’s what we wanted Superior to represent.

We are so thankful to Houstonians for our success, for welcoming us like family, and most of all for all the wonderful things this great city has to offer. We are more than a replacement windows company in Houston—we get to be a part of the chain of people and local businesses that keep this city Houston Strong.

We want to just take a moment with Thanksgiving, to shine a light on some of the many things about Houston that we are ever so thankful for. We hope you take the time to stop and realize what a wonderful state we live in and how we can keep it that way. It’s an honor and a privilege to be called a Texan.

Coming Together In Crisis

When we set out to establish our little replacement window company in Houston, we had no idea how deep the city digs and comes together in both good times and the bad times. We have had a chance to see that especially most recently during Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey last year really pushed the perseverance of Houstonians to the brink not to mention our infrastructure. Never in the history of this great city have we had to endure acute rainfall in excess of 50 inches in such a short period of time.

While that water may have separated many from our homes, our businesses, and our possessions—it could not separate the bond we have with one another as Houstonians. Stories all over the national news made us remember what makes this city great. Residents helping total strangers, risking their own lives to help others in dire need of help. Businesses and churches opening their doors to shelter evacuees. So many people lining up to volunteer that hundreds had to be turned away for lack of room. These kinds of stories reminded us of the power of community in our city and how that community accomplishes so much more than the division we see today. Maybe there is something we can learn from this city; that at the core we are all human beings just trying to etch out a life for our families in this world—when we set differences aside and come together as one, nothing can stop us.

Coming Together In Victory

It doesn’t take apocalyptic floods to bring Houstonians together but it sure does make us stop and realize what we take for granted. Some things we take for granted are deep and serious and some are for the pride of our city; such as earning a World Series Championship.

The Astros 2017 World Series win gave Houstonians something to smile about and boy did we need it. Still reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey; the gutsy and blue-collar work ethic of the Houston Astros embodied the “Work Hard, Win Harder” spirit of our city.

Houston is no slouch on coming together to celebrate and even though we’ve hosted the Superbowl, the king of sporting events—our Astros World Series Victory Parade shattered tons of records the NFL couldn’t even touch.  On November 3rd. 2017 Houstonians not only broke single-day ridership records on METRO but also there were an estimated 850,000 people who attended the parade. So far over the city’s estimate, that the parade route had to be extended further to accommodate. You gotta love Houston!

Our Museum District: Walkable & World Class

If you have never been to visit the Museum District near Rice University you are missing out on this world-class cultural offering. Our museum district proudly showcases 19 museums and cultural institutions within just a 1.5-mile district. We are only 2nd to Manhattan for the largest museum district in the nation, and they don’t have the amazing restaurants as we do nearby.

The district is organized into four different zones that are easily walkable or if you prefer, you can ride along the bike trail. Museum offerings are available for everyone such as the Children’s Museum of Houston, Contemporary Art Museum Houston, The Houston Museum of Natural Science, and more. Literally, there is something for all tastes and interests and the best part is, 10 of the museums are free every day. How can you beat that Manhattan?

The Taste Of Texas Is In Houston

As much as Big D hates to admit it—even they admit that the culinary capital of Texas isn’t Dallas, it isn’t Austin—it’s Houston. That’s right the largest city in Texas also boasts more than 10,000 eateries spanning multiple cuisines from the best Mexican food at Irma’s Original, to the best sweets at House of Pies. Of course, you can’t forget the large Asian community in Houston—we boast not only the widest variety of regional Asian cuisine in the state but in the Southwest altogether.

In fact, restaurants in Houston are so good and abundant that says that we represent more than 70 countries and American regional cuisines right here in our city. It’s no wonder why Houstonians dine out more than residents of any other U.S. city—we’re just trying to step our Yelp! Review game up.

Our Amazing Customers

Last but not least, WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS! We would be just another run-of-the-mill replacement window company in Houston if it weren’t for Houstonians and their sense of community. When we find something we like in Houston, we tell people! Our customer’s word-of-mouth advertising has been largely responsible for our incredible growth and we are forever grateful for our customer’s loyalty and kindness. Thank you so much Houston we wouldn’t be here without you.

Are You One Of Our Customers? You Should Be!

If you are looking for quality replacement windows in Houston, let us show you why so many Houstonians have made us the best replacement windows company in Houston. We thrive on doing the little things right and the satisfaction of our customers is what motivates us to constantly improve. We are thankful for you visiting our little corner of the web and hope you will let us show you why so many Houstonians trust us for their window needs.

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