Superior’s Guide to Houston Windows
Superior’s Guide to Houston Windows

What Are Houston Windows Made Out Of?

We love Houston, but not because of the weather. It’s hot and humid with a good dose of rain, wind, and ice. Humans or even living things are not the only ones affected by the somewhat harsh weather conditions. The reality is that that weather can take its toll on your windows. If you are looking to buy replacement windows in Houston, you are going to need to look for some specific features. Not every window is cut out to last long in this type of environment.

The Glass

One of the qualities consumers look for in products these days is energy efficiency. In Houston, this is a must. Energy prices are soaring because we leave the air condition running all day, every day. No one blames you. The heat is merciless. What you may not be aware of is that you could be throwing money out the windows. One of the easiest pathways for heat to get inside your home is through the glass of your windows. All that heat coming into to your home causes your air conditioner to waste more energy as it works harder to cool down your home. The more energy your AC uses, the more money you end up paying. Several solutions to this problem can be found in window glass design.

Single-pane windows are a no go. They offer virtually no resistance to the hot or cold. At a minimum, opt for a double-pane window. That’s two layers of glass with air space in between. Triple-pane offers even more temperature resistance and protection in general. The air space between each layer of glass can be filled with special gases, usually Argon or Krypton, to add additional insulation value to your windows. Yet another way to improve window performance is what’s called Low-E coating. The special coating enables your glass to reflect infrared and ultraviolet rays from getting into your home and messing with its temperature.

The Window Frame

The material of your window frame also deserves special attention. Houston’s heat, rain, and humidity can wear down some frame materials faster than you can get home in rush hour. That is a bit of an exaggeration, but you’ll still want to purchase frames that will provide durability and insulation.

Wood frames cannot be considered the best choice. The weather conditions will have you sanding, painting, and sealing your windows too often. Add to that the danger of water damage and termites and wood is out. Aluminum frames are strong, and you don’t have to worry about them rotting away. Like single-pane windows, however, they provide no resistance to hot and cold. If you go with just regular vinyl windows, the Houston heat can cause them to warp. All of these choices will cost you time and money in terms of maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Opt for composite, fiberglass, or reinforced vinyl window frames.

Living in Houston is no joke. You’ll need tough Houston windows that will pass the test of time. Superior is proud that we have such a window in our energy efficient reinforced vinyl windows. Let’s us assist you in your search for Houston windows. Give us a call at 281-747-5999.


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