Single Hung or Double Hung Replacement Windows?

Single Hung or Double-Hung Replacement Windows?

When it comes to vinyl replacement windows there is the pressing question: Single Hung or Double-Hung? Our Houston Replacement Windows experts are here to shed a little light on the subject because what it boils down to is what do YOU want? Here is a recap of each option:

Single Hung Windows


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Selected for generations for their charming appeal and traditional lines, single-hung replacement windows feature classic styling for all home designs. Single-hung vinyl replacement windows have a vertical sliding design and are the most affordable window style.

The window frame, sash, and mechanics of single-hung windows are similar to those in double-hung windows, but the top half of the single-hung window is fixed. The bottom sash is reinforced with aluminum and tilts inward for easy cleaning. The sash and master frame are fusion welded for strength and durability.

Even if you are on a limited budget there is no reason to delay your comfort and energy-saving window replacement project when our single-hung model is a great value.


Double Hung Windows


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Blend tradition with innovative engineering and our double-hung vinyl replacement windows are a perfect choice. The sleek and elegant frame design allows for much more visible glass than most other vinyl windows on the market today. Our double-hung windows are fusion-welded and metal-reinforced for added strength and durability – keeping them operating smoothly and properly for years.

You’ll be as pleased with the double-hung window’s easy-to-clean, tilt-in feature as you are delighted by its beauty. The double-hung window features a top sash that can be lowered and a bottom sash that can be raised – and both sashes can be locked in place for safety or removed completely in an emergency.

From traditional to colonial and craftsman styles, double-hung replacement windows are a classic option for updating any home.

Why Choose Single Hung?

  1. Less Maintenance. If anything happens to go wrong with an operable sash, there are less sashes to worry about. Plus the screen that accompanies the window is often only half size since only one sash that opens needs it. This means less screen maintenance as well.
  2. Less Money. As mentioned, single-hung windows are a great value.
  3. Less Energy Loss. With single-hung windows, it is less likely for air to leak on the sides of the sash.

Why Choose Double Hung?

  1. More options. With a double-hung window, you can choose to open either the top sash or the bottom sash allowing for more options. If you have young children or pets, the idea of opening the top sash may be more appealing as they won’t be able to lean on or damage the screen. If you need to move a large piece of furniture that may not fit through a narrow door, you can remove both sashes to create a completely open space.
  2. Easier to clean. With both sashes being operable, double-hung windows are easier to clean.

Houston Replacement Windows

Of course, style comes into play as well, and that is going to depend on your preference. Whatever you choose, your Houston replacement windows experts are here to help! We offer both single-hung and double-hung windows and are happy to answer any questions to help you choose what is best for your home! Give us a call today!


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