Why you Might Want to Consider Replacing Wood Windows

Why you Might Want to Consider Replacing Wood Windows

It’s becoming a known fact that vinyl windows are the most energy-efficient windows, but wood windows do fairly well as they make great insulators. There are a variety of reasons, though, that you may want to consider replacing wood windows.

replacing wood with most energy efficient windows

Warping and Rotting

Warping and rotting can be unsightly and costly problems. The Houston sun and humidity can really take a toll on wood windows. They can become difficult to operate and no longer secure. The damaging UV rays make continuous maintenance and upkeep necessary. The cost (including time) for this maintenance and upkeep adds up quickly.


Wood is vulnerable to insects – particularly termites. Termites aren’t the only insects to which they’re vulnerable, though, and homes with wood windows are more likely to have insects within the home.


Not only will you continue to spend more on maintenance and upkeep, but if you choose to replace your current wood windows with replacement wood windows, the cost is more.  In fact, they’re the most costly option available on the market today.

Splinters and Cracks

Warping and rotting aren’t the only problems wood faces. Splinters and cracks are also common and can also cause a variety of problems. Splinters can cause physical problems for those operating the windows. Cracks can compromise the integrity of the window structurally as well as allowing more things in and out – air, heat, insects, etc.

Can Burn Readily

Should there be a house fire, wood is a material that can burn, and it can burn readily.

Difficulty Finding Replacement Panes

Should you need to get replacement panes for your wood windows, they will probably be difficult to find. Not to mention they are also difficult to install.

Most Energy Efficient Windows

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