Replacement Windows: Wood or Vinyl? (Pt. 2)
wood replacement windows
Replacement Windows: Wood or Vinyl? (Pt. 2)

This week we continue our special on wood replacement windows vs. vinyl replacement windows. Many Houston windows experts will have their opinion, but we have broken each down to let you make your decision.  Today we switch gears and take a look at vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows

What exactly is Vinyl? Vinyl is extruded from a plastic material called polyvinyl chloride, which you may know better as PVC. PVC is also prevalent in the plumbing industry as it is used for pipes in newer construction. Vinyl windows were developed in the late 70’s to offer a low-cost alternative to the more expensive wood windows. Even though wood windows have been around much longer, vinyl windows account for about the same market share as wood windows. At first, vinyl windows came only in white but the last few decades have seen an explosion of color.


Given the uneasy economy over the last twenty years, it is no surprise that vinyl windows are one of the most popular. Due to their low cost, they are more economically feasible to middle and low-income families. Given that they cost almost half as much as wood windows they have easily become the choice for developers as well to maximize profits on new builds.  Vinyl windows will give you an average 20 years of service. They are also very energy efficient, and the insulation in the frame is highly energy efficient.


Here is where the low cost of manufacturing vinyl windows helps you. Most vinyl windows come with a lifetime warranty against defects or peeling, flaking, etc. Since vinyl windows require little to no maintenance and are made of plastic which doesn’t peel, this is expected. Still, it is nice to know that your windows are protected for a lifetime.

The Catch

Looking to customize? Here is where you begin to see the difference between wood and vinyl. Most Houston replacement windows experts will tell you, if you want custom, go with wood. They are right. Vinyl windows, due to the manufacturing process and focus on economic value, do not offer customization for the most part. Designs are very limited and customization if available can begin to negate the savings of vinyl replacement windows.

Contact Your Replacement Window Experts

Overall, vinyl windows offer the most bang for your buck, but wood is still highly sought after. If you want to learn more about which windows are right for your specific home to feel free to contact us for a free consultation and estimate and begin to enjoy the savings before summer hits.


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