5 Replacement Windows Shopping Tips

If you are like many Houston homeowners recovering from the floods, you may find yourself shopping for replacement windows due to damage created by the severe weather over the last few months. At Superior Window Company, we want you to make an educated and wise decision on replacement windows for your home. There are five main things to consider when picking the right windows for your home.

Match The Windows With The Exterior

It is important to take into consideration the exterior design of your home. Will the new windows you are looking at, clash with the style of the home? If they do then you will not want to buy those windows, rather you go for something that coincides with the homes look. If you ignore the exterior and add replacement windows that do not match, it can hurt the resell value of your home and damage its curb appeal.

Buy The Right Window For The Room

The room you are getting replacement windows for is an important factor to consider. What is the rooms amount of natural light exposure, does it face the east or face the west? If your room gets a lot of sun, you may want to get a large window to allow the room to feel warm and peaceful; Your back laundry room, however, you may want a hinged window for fresh air.

 Function Is Key

Is this window going to be a primary fire escape route? Is the window in the attic or the basement? Is it more of a venting window for the bathroom? These are just an example of some of the questions regarding function that should be thought out. Windows do more than just let in light, so figure out their main function for each window before you end up buying expensive replacement windows that don’t serve their purpose.

Energy Efficiency Pays Off

The efficiency of a window is very important to keep in mind as it will directly impact your utility bill in a good or bad way depending on what you choose.  Since Houston summers get so hot and humid, so residents air conditioning units are used a lot more than some places. The windows with the most energy efficient windows will lock that cool air in, block more heat from the sun, as well as block cold air in winter.

Ease of Maintenance

How easy it is to maintain a window is also a good factor to consider when getting replacement windows. The good thing is, Superior makes windows so maintenance free, that you hardly need to do anything to keep your replacement windows looking great for years.


We understand the need for reliable and high-quality products when it comes to buying replacement windows for your home, which is exactly why we only offer the very best windows, made by Texans for the Texas climate.

Offering our customers exceptionally high-grade windows they can count on is our number one priority. From our thorough consultation process to custom manufacturing and expert installation, you can count on Superior!

If you are ready to invest in replacement windows that are designed specifically for your Texas home, request your consultation or give us a call today at (281) 747-5999.