Replacement Windows In Houston Save $$$

Replacement Windows In Houston Save $$$

A: How can buying replacement windows in Houston save you money? They save you money in a lot of different ways:

  1. On your electric and heating bill.
  2. Reduced fading of the drapes, the blinds and the furnishings of your home.
  3. Hardwood floors — stop condensation problems that cause the wood to rot, buckle, mold, and mildew.

So, there’s a lot of things that when it goes into buying good replacement windows in Houston; there’s a lot of avenues of how they can save you a lot of money.

Buying Replacement Windows In Houston Can Be Confusing

For something so essential and common to home improvement, replacement windows can be very confusing to the average Houston homeowner. In fact, replacement windows are a component of your house that stands apart from other components. Just as it implies, a replacement window is a window that replaces what you currently have.

Typically, you do this as an upgrade; old, drafty, or cheap contractor windows that are inefficient are a drag on energy usage. Replacement windows in Houston can be very beneficial to your energy efficiency.

When you remove your old window all you are taking out is the old sash and a few secondary components.  Replacement windows are usually smaller than original windows, but that doesn’t mean they don’t perform as well. In fact, replacement windows in Houston actually outperform older windows—that’s why they are such a value.

Even though the replacement window is different than the original window in your home, it functions exactly the same, just more efficiently. For example, if you had a double-hung window, the new one would slide up and down like the original. If you had a casement window, your new window will also swing in and out. The main reason homeowners opt for replacement windows is due to their windows not performing efficiently.

Sure Signs That You Need Replacement Windows In Houston

Knowing when you need replacement windows is usually pretty obvious. However, sometimes, the inefficiency of windows can be masked by other issues. If you want to be sure your windows are indeed in need of replacing, look for these sure signs.

  • An abnormally high energy bill. Have you made other improvements such as better insulation or an HVAC upgrade but still have a high energy bill? The culprit is likely the windows causing all the energy leakage.
  • Drafts in the house despite all seals being in good shape. Drafts can come from even the smallest crack in window glass or gap in the framing.
  • Window panes are cold to the touch. Single-pane windows are always going to feel cold because they have no insulation. However, if you have double-paned windows, they should feel only slightly cold when the temperature is very low outside.
  • Trouble opening or closing windows. Wood windows can get stuck to the frame from layers of paint. Especially in Houston, settling of your home’s foundation can cause cheap frames to twist. Casement window hinges or latches can rust from exposure to moisture. All of these problems may require a replacement rather than a repair. It just depends on the situation.
  • Window painting is beyond fixable. Sometimes window paint gets so bad, the wood is rotting, and it’s just so expensive to re-paint. At that point, replacing the window actually becomes more cost-effective. Often, just the prep work to be able to re-paint costs nearly as much as a new window.


How Much Can Replacement Windows Really Save You?

It’s a very common follow-up question we get to the initial question—and for good reason. No one wants to spend a lot to only save a little. After all, the money you save needs to outweigh the hard costs in order to be worthwhile.

While we can assure you that replacement windows are a very worthwhile investment—savings do vary. This is because there are several factors that go into determining your individual savings once you upgrade. We have been the leading manufacturer and installer of replacement windows in Houston for over a decade. What we can tell you is that everyone will save a significant amount on their energy costs.

Out of the last 3,000 window installations that we have completed, clients report back savings of between 25% and over 53%! So, there is not a doubt in our mind that you will save money—the amount is what will vary. That amount you save on energy bills will be determined by one or more of these factors:

Type Of Window Before And After

The bigger the upgrade from your old windows to your new ones, the larger the savings will be. For example, when going from a single pane basic window to a top-of-the-line model, you’ll see a drastic change. However, if you upgrade from a double-paned window to the next level up, the results won’t be as drastic. It really does just come down to the construction of the windows you upgrade from but you will still see savings.

Architectural And Landscaping Factors

How light and heat come into your home can also play a role in how much you save on energy bills. For example, let’s say your home lacks trees and overhangs to filter and block the sun from entering large windows. Your energy bills are going to be significantly lower with our replacement windows.

Let’s take the same home but add trees and overhangs to block much of the sunlight from entering through the windows. The trees and overhangs are going to do a lot of the work already, so new windows would just improve on that. In other words, you would still see savings, just not as drastic of a change as a home with no trees.

In terms of architecture, let’s imagine a home with a west-facing bay window in a dining room. When the sun sets, it will be uncomfortably hot at dinner with single-pane windows. Your HVAC will run harder to keep the home cool and energy usage will spike every day at sunset.

Adding our energy-efficient, double-pane windows will make a drastic difference and save you a large amount of money. If you had large overhangs over that same side of the house or trees to filter—the savings would be a little less.

We have had clients marvel at being able to use rooms in the afternoon during the summer with our windows. Before they upgraded, the room would absorb so much heat, it became quite uncomfortable. That huge change in temperature was simply from better windows and nothing else. That is the difference maker these replacement windows can be.

Your Energy Usage Habits and Other Variables

How you use your heating and cooling in your home can make a huge difference in the amount of savings you experience. If you like your home to be much warmer or cooler than the outside temperature, you’ll see greater savings. This is because of the insulative qualities of replacement windows that make your HVAC system run less.  You also get additional savings that are indirect as the windows extend the life of your AC unit.

Even though there is no precise formula to determine what your savings will be in your home—people are saving. They are saving significant amounts that make the investment worth it. Clients tell us they are able to set their thermostats higher during the summer. Not because they are getting used to warmer temperatures, but because the windows keep it that much cooler.

Here’s the bottom line—if you choose a high-quality window installed properly —you can expect a minimum of 23-25% savings. Furthermore, depending on the landscaping, and design of your home—you could save up to 53%! When you start to consider the brutal summers Houston is known for, you are talking average savings of $1200 a year. That means those savings can easily exceed the cost of your windows in just a few years. Not only that but you get a bump in your home’s value, curb appeal, and a greater appreciation for your home’s appearance.

Invest In The Best Replacement Windows In Houston

If you are ready to make a worthy investment into your home and experience the savings, we have you covered. Our window consultants will help you choose windows that perfectly match your home’s décor and increase its value.

Contact us today and we’ll have someone come out and give you an estimate at no cost to you.



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