Reminder to be Sure you Child-proof your Windows!
Reminder to be Sure you Child-proof your Windows!

Houston Windows – Are yours Child-proofed and ready for Spring?

It is Spring! Have you been opening your windows more lately to enjoy the beautiful weather? I know we have! That’s why I wanted to post a reminder to go over your checklist to be sure your Houston windows are child-proofed and ready for Spring!

Why do we talk about Window Safety so often? Because it’s important, and the protection of your family is a top priority.

Children and pets love looking at the windows and enjoying the beautiful breeze. Unfortunately, though, children can often put themselves in places that can be dangerous. Open or unlocked windows can definitely be one of those places that could pose a serious threat. Even if your open window has a screen, screens are not usually durable enough to withstand a child pushing on or falling into it. That isn’t the purpose of screens, so they weren’t designed to withstand the weight. So if you haven’t already, be sure to implement child-proofing on your windows this Spring.

Add Window Guards

Window guards prevent exit and entry in your windows, which also adds an extra level of security to your home. They can also come in many styles and colors. With window guards, you can have your windows open as wide as you want and your child still will not be in danger of falling out.

Add a Lock or Latch

Another great way to child-proof your window is with a lock or a latch. Unlike window guards, locks or latches prevent windows from opening more than a specific distance. The typical distance a window can open while still being safe for children is about 4 inches. Locks and latches also come in many different varieties so that you can pick the one best for your home.

But Don’t Forget

When choosing a child-proofing method, don’t forget the other important window safety concern – make sure that you have an easily accessible emergency exit window. Refer to our post about Fire Safety for more information on the importance of windows as an emergency exit during a fire.

As another precaution with children around the windows more, pay attention to any window coverings that have hanging strings or pull cords. These can be a choking hazard if strings are long and within reach.

Contact Superior Window Company today to see what other safety features our windows have.  At Superior, we ensure that the construction of your window mechanics is the best in the industry.  We are a company you can trust!


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