5 Tips To Prepare For New Replacement Windows

5 Tips To Prepare For New Replacement Windows

So you have been in touch with your Superior replacement windows consultant. You have picked out your windows, ordered them and set an install date. Now that you are on your way to having the best replacement windows in the Gulf Coast region, you can get prepared at home to make the installation easier. By following our simple 5 step guide, you can have a smooth installation when our crew shows up promptly to begin.

Timing is Everything

There is no way to avoid some heating or cooling loss during our installation. However, the trade off is well worth it. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that your new  replacement windows from Superior may cut your energy bills by 10 to 25 percent on average. While our installers take every step to avoid weather damage to your interior during the replacement installation, it is best to avoid scheduling the the install during the wetter months of April and May. Do we really need to reference the tropical storm we are dealing with now as an example? When you get Superior replacement windows in Houston over the summer, your home will likely to heat up quickly as the exposed window frame lets cool air escape. Ideally good months to schedule are March, September, October.

Prep Your Rooms

The day before our replacement windows install crew arrives, remove curtains, shades or other window treatments from your windows. It is also a good idea to take down any wall art nearby and store it safely away in a closet if possible. Our installers carefully move furniture next to or beneath your window locations so they are not cramped for space to work.  If you have a home alarm system, make sure to remove the window sensors and contact your security company in advance to have the sensors deactivated or removed temporary from your service provider.

Clear a Perimeter Outside

Although our installer is likely to work on your replacement windows from inside your home, make sure to move fragile plants/planters, hoses, and other yard items away from the window. Should frame parts or glass accidentally fall to the ground, your property will be safe from damage. During the replacement windows installation also cordon off your dogs and children’s play area to be away from the installers to avoid accidental injury.

Clear The Driveway

Before the day of installation for your replacement windows create a clear path from your driveway to the areas where our installers need to work. Remember they will be carrying heavy and oversized materials and will need an unobstructed path for safety and efficiency.

Cover Your Furniture

Although our highly experienced installers take precautions to avoid creating a  mess, you can further foster a pristine install by covering nearby furniture with sheets or canvas drop cloths. You can even find cheap plastic drop cloths at Lowe’s for less than 4 dollars a pack. The old windows may be dirty, especially if dry rot or leaking has occured, so lightly covering your furniture helps keep it clean.

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