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New Windows For Energy Efficiency

If you have purchased a newer home recently, such as one built in the last ten years; you have probably already realized some of the components aren’t all that great. In mass-produced homes, the quality of the materials that goes into them is often the bare minimum to satisfy code.  The area where homeowners feel this impact the most is in their wallet.  There are a few major areas contractors cut corners on to maintain their profit margin, the most impacted area is energy efficiency. Builders especially cut costs in this area by using cheap, single pane windows for new build homes.  While the windows look new and of modern design, their energy efficiency is very poor. The energy savings alone in some cases can nearly equal the cost of replacement windows that have been certified to meet US energy efficiency standards.  New energy efficient windows not only lower your heating and cooling costs but they also add curb appeal and increase the value of your home.
While there is no shortage of replacement windows contractors, finding the ones that are reputable and put quality first is hard to find. Windows that aren’t installed properly, no matter how efficient they are will not perform well, and you will have to end up spending more to have the initial installation done the right way.

Superior Window Company was founded on the commitment to giving the customer the windows they want, their way and with the utmost quality. It is the foundation for earning the reputation and accolades Superior has earned over the years.  We believe we earn the privilege of your business and strive to educate our customers, and it has made us the leading choice for windows in the Greater Houston area.

Glass and Energy Efficiency

We have a large variety of windows for our customers to choose from even windows in specialty shapes and sizes. Many of our customers like our double hung windows for their convenience and ease of cleaning. Style and convenience of windows is an important factor, but more important is the choice of glass. Since over 40% of your annual energy costs come from heating and cooling, it is important that the glass in your windows does not leak air out or in. Also, it is important that the glass insulates against heat during the summer to maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

Overall no matter what quality of windows you purchase the installation must be done right the first time and be a proper professional grade install. At Superior Window Company all of our installation team members go through an extensive training program and receive hands-on training before being put on a job.  Our certified installers do a complete walk through of every job to see if there are any special requirements to install your new Superior Windows.

If your Houston home is in need of an upgrade to your energy efficiency by getting new windows from Superior, contact us for an estimate and be on your way to a lower utility bill before summer.


We understand the need for reliable and high-quality products when it comes to buying replacement windows for your home, which is exactly why we only offer the very best windows, made by Texans for the Texas climate.

Offering our customers exceptionally high-grade windows they can count on is our number one priority. From our thorough consultation process to custom manufacturing and expert installation, you can count on Superior!

If you are ready to invest in replacement windows that are designed specifically for your Texas home, request your consultation or give us a call today at (281) 747-5999.