How to be a Master at Cleaning Your Windows
How to be a Master at Cleaning Your Windows

Have you washed your windows yet this year? Ideally, windows should be thoroughly washed twice a year, but it’s a task many don’t look forward to. To many it feels like a lot of work without a lot of results. Make the most of your time and master cleaning your windows with these tips.

Master Washing your Replacement Windows in Houston

  • Although squeegees do not work on textured or stained glass windows, they are great for other windows and will help you save time and energy. Wiping with towels can smear the windows and push dirt around.
  • If you do have textured or stained glass windows or otherwise need to use a cloth be sure to choose the “right” cloth. Cotton cloths work well and save on waste. Old t-shirts and socks can make great cloths for cleaning windows, and you can put them to good use. If paper towels are your preference, be sure to choose a “hard” paper towel that doesn’t lint easily.
  • Wash windows side to side on the inside and up to down on the outside. If there are streaks, you will know which side they are on.
  • Exterior home windows should be first be washed with a hose or clean water to remove grease and grime.
  • Outside screens can be scrubbed with warm water and rinsed with clean water. Allow to air dry.
  • Vacuum your screens to remove dust, small particles, etc.
  • Don’t clean windows in direct sunlight. This can cause the window to dry too quickly and leave streaks.
  • Change wash and rinse waters often.

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