How to Lower Your Electric Bill

Let’s face it. The cost of energy is not getting any less expensive, especially in Houston. You can either live in discomfort or better, you can find ways to make your home more energy efficient and spend as little as possible on electricity. At Superior Windows, we love saving our customers money on energy any way we can. That being said here are some of the top ways you can lower your electric bill all year long.

Enjoy Your Fireplace, But Do It Right.

Many homes have fireplaces and using them during colder months is as American as apple pie or Presidential fireside chats. The unfortunate reality is that your fireplace sucks money out of your wallet every time you use it. It is terribly wasteful of energy, draining about 24,000 cubic ft of your home’s central heat through the chimney every hour! To make things worse, it replaces that expensive warm air with cold air and creates a vicious, expensive cycle. If you want to enjoy the fire, just turn down the thermostat and crack open the window a tiny bit in the room where the fireplace is. This will keep the fireplace from sucking up all the warm air. Do not forget to tightly close the damper when you are not using the fire to prevent air from escaping.

Keep It Right, Keep It Tight.

It doesn’t take long for drafty doors and windows to rack up a huge heating and cooling bill. When you combine all those little cracks and gaps, it ends up being a HUGE problem. Seal up drafty doors and windows by replacing worn out weatherstripping. It may require a small investment now, but your electricity savings will more than make up for the cost. If you really want to make a difference in a house with old windows, make the investment in energy efficient replacement windows. The advanced energy efficient features will ultimately pay for themselves. Lastly, inspect the insulation in the attic. If you can, get radiant barrier installed for a huge impact on your electric bill and the comfort level of your home.

Tune Up Your HVAC

Your HVAC system should always be tuned up every fall to clean out the buildup of soot, dust, and other particles. These substances can make your system work harder and dry out lubricant in the fans. While on the subject of fans, apply lubricant to any moving parts in the fans to reduce friction and wear. Inspect the belts and replace them if necessary. If you are not comfortable doing this work yourself, it is highly recommended that your hire an HVAC professional to come out and give your system a winter preparation tune up.

Invest In Energy Star Appliances

Just over 20% of most electric bills are from the appliances and electronics we use. Whether it’s the big screen TV or the dishwasher in the kitchen, they all use electricity. Luckily, with advancement in technology, today’s appliances use a fraction of the energy of their predecessors. To give an idea of the savings, washers from 15 years ago used 40% more electricity than washing machines today. If you’ve been considering swapping out that washer/dryer set, the savings are worth it, not to mention the tax breaks.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to energy efficiency, there are things that can be done at all budget levels to make an impact on your energy costs. Even small changes can add up to substantial savings in the long run.

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