Life Expectancy Of Vinyl Windows In Houston

Life Expectancy Of Vinyl Windows In Houston

A: They have cheap vinyl windows in Houston out there that probably won’t even last you a year. Then you’ll be back in the same boat having to replace them again. A good, high-quality vinyl window shouldn’t give you any problems for the length of the time you live in your home.

For most homeowners, vinyl windows in Houston offer an affordable option vs. more expensive replacement windows.  When you are searching for replacement windows for your home it’s crucial to ensure you’re getting a quality window.  For example, the windows should always have a warranty that is solid and lengthy in comparison to the price.  When it comes to vinyl windows in Houston, that usually tends to be the case.

For example, you can find one of those hot pink flyers in your door for $100.00 windows and sure they will be $100. However, they will only carry a very short warranty, sometimes as little as a year. When you figure average Houston homes have at least 10 windows, that can add up. Having to replace windows every two years will get costly.

Choosing quality vinyl windows in Houston that carry a substantial life expectancy and matching warranty is key.  It will prevent constant window repairs, avoid premature failure, and add more value to your home.

How Long Do Superior Vinyl Windows In Houston Last?

We only sell our own quality vinyl windows manufactured right here in Texas. With proper care, they can easily last up to 40 years—longer than most will own their home for. The fact that our windows are made in Texas is critical for several reasons.

Built In Texas For Texas Conditions

If you have lived in Houston long, you know there are more guarantees besides just death and taxes. Humidity, hurricanes and extreme heat during Texas summers are things you will have to endure in Houston—guaranteed.

That being said, how can a window manufacturer in Oregon know how to develop windows for conditions in Houston? Sure, they can do their research, but until you’ve seen the effects of year-round humidity and brutal UV rays—you don’t really know.  Windows that are generically designed to be “universal to everyone” will always underperform for some customers.

Designing our vinyl windows in Houston and manufacturing them in Fort Worth, TX—we are able to guarantee Texas tough windows. Unlike generic windows or cheap $100.00 windows you won’t get problems such as:

  • Fading of interiors from excessive UV rays
  • Condensation
  • Humidity driven temperature spikes
  • Overworked HVAC due to underperforming glass
  • Mold and Mildew buildup from condensation and humidity
  • Worn out seals

Our engineers are Texans who’ve lived through Hurricane Ike, The Dallas tornado blitz of 2019, and every scorching Texas summer. So, to say they know what our windows are up against is an understatement. We engineer everything from the UV glass coatings to the seals used in every window to withstand Texas extremes.

How Do Texas Conditions Affect Cheap Vinyl Windows?

On the flip side of things, cheap vinyl windows in Houston will suffer failures even during some of the milder Texas weather systems. Cheap vinyl windows are crafted with substandard materials that meet the bare minimums for building codes. This means corners are cut in craftsmanship, quality of glass, coatings, seals, and hardware.

The result is a window that while indeed cheap, has a severely stunted lifespan and doesn’t tolerate Texas weather well. This is because vinyl windows in Houston are subjected to many extremities that can wreak havoc on poor-quality windows.

UV Rays

Most quality vinyl windows will last at least 25 years if properly maintained. They will be plenty tough to make it through many Houston summers. However, cheap windows— especially those getting full UV ray exposure most of the day, will not last long at all. Heat also plays a huge role in window coating deterioration and seal degradation.


Houston is known for its near-tropical climate and abundance of rainfall and flooding. That being said, air that is overly moist and is so often, will wreak havoc on cheap windows. As they endure repeated exposure to humid air and rain, they can take water damage. This water damage can lead to mildew growth among other dangerous microorganisms.

Hail & Hurricanes

Houston has Biblical proportion storms and hail—that’s just a guarantee. When these tropical systems drop rain and sizeable hail, quality windows should be alright. However, cheap windows will take a beating and leave you financially depleted.

Good Is Never Cheap And Cheap Is Never Good

This old adage rings true, as statistics show over and over again that the windows that last do cost more. However, despite costing more upfront, they actually offer a much better value long-term and end up saving you money. If you consider the average “cheap” window is about $120.00 and lasts a maximum of three years—do the math. An average Houston home has 10 windows at least—at $120.00 a pop that is $1200.00 not including installation. Add installation and you’re talking about a total of at least $3000.00. Do that every let’s say, 3 years to be generous—you’re talking a lot of money throughout the ownership of your home. A lot more than you would spend just once to get good windows that last 10x as long or more.

How Do Vinyl Windows Measure Up?

While vinyl windows are one of the most popular choices among most Houston homeowners, it doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives. In fact, there are several—that doesn’t mean they are better alternatives though. When it comes to the greatest balance of availability, longevity, and affordability—vinyl wins hands down. But, let’s take a look at the other alternatives so you can make an educated choice for yourself.

Wood Windows vs. Vinyl

Solid wood windows do still have their place in Houston homes—specifically historically accurate landmark homes. For example, if you own a historic home and are keeping the look accurate you would need appropriate décor.  In cases such as those, wood windows would give the most accurate look to the home. However, even though wood offers superior aesthetics, its efficiency is horrible and its lifespan is about 10 years less than vinyl or more.  Also, wood windows are subject to rotting, very susceptible warping, and also tend to shrink and expand with heat and cold.

On the other hand, quality vinyl windows won’t rot and will last for up to 40 years with good maintenance.

Metal Windows Vs. Vinyl

When it comes to metal windows, aluminum is the #1 choice for metal windows. While its lifespan can be about equal to vinyl, its durability is the complete opposite. Aluminum, to put it simply—is weak and prone to damage.

In Houston, severe thunderstorms, hail, and high winds are always a guarantee during storm season. This spells trouble for aluminum windows as they will usually sustain significant damage very easily. Hail will dent them, high winds will shear them right off the frame, and rust will wear them away.

Vinyl windows simply don’t have that issue and are extremely durable if installed properly and maintained.

Fiberglass Vs Vinyl

Fiberglass is the alternative that can outlast vinyl with a life expectancy of up to 50 years. However, just because they are longer-lasting doesn’t mean they don’t have issues in other areas.

Fiberglass windows aren’t manufactured as much as vinyl so availability can be an issue. Fiberglass is also a more difficult installation which also adds to the cost.

That being said, if you have the budget for Fiberglass which can cost twice what vinyl does—go for it. They are a worthy investment, just not very fiscally practical.

Superior Has You Covered For Quality Windows

If you’re looking for the best vinyl windows, installed by the best window techs—contact Superior today. We’ll come out, evaluate your home and get you a free estimate on the spot. We care about our clients and assure your satisfaction and an honest price. Contact us today!


We understand the need for reliable and high-quality products when it comes to buying replacement windows for your home, which is exactly why we only offer the very best windows, made by Texans for the Texas climate.

Offering our customers exceptionally high-grade windows they can count on is our number one priority. From our thorough consultation process to custom manufacturing and expert installation, you can count on Superior!

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