Keeping A Cool Home, Saving Money & Becoming Energy Efficient Go Hand In Hand With Replacement Windows In Houston.

Keeping A Cool Home, Saving Money & Becoming Energy Efficient Go Hand In Hand With Replacement Windows In Houston.

As the weather warms up in Houston, the electric bills rise in proportion to the weather. Texas is known for our warmer weather already, and the humidity in Houston makes it unbearable without air conditioning. If you are cooling your home and have old, drafty windows, you are literally watching money float right out of those old windows.

On average, Houston homes lose about 38% of cool air through good, solid windows and doors. If your doors and windows are old with broken seals and single plane glass, that number jumps to 53%. That is literally like paying 150% more for your air conditioning! Imagine how much wasted money that adds up to once June hits and the mercury hits 100° for a few days straight.

The only way to avoid your home draining your bank account due to its inability to stay cool this summer is to attack the source. Most often, the biggest culprit of home energy inefficiency is old or cheap quality windows. Even if your home is new, builders only use the most basic single pane windows, unless you pay for an upgrade. So, although that new house you bought looks nice, it will actually cost you more if you didn’t opt for the window upgrade.

Three Ways Replacement Windows Save You Money

Getting energy efficient replacement windows in Houston homes can benefit homeowners in several ways and is the key to home efficiency. If you feel like you have been left out of the loop, don’t worry you’re not alone, but that’s why we are here to let you know what you might be missing out on.

Reduce Your Heating And Cooling Costs

Keeping cool in Houston is no easy task when six months out of the year post an average temperature of at least 75° and over 50% humidity. When you have drafty windows or inefficient single panes, that task seems almost insurmountable. When you factor in that those cheap windows increase energy bills by an average of 20%, you are talking a major impact on your budget.

Depending on location, number of windows, and your landscaping—energy star certified replacement windows can save you up to $475 or more per year in utilities. Not only are you saving money on electricity but you end up extending the life of your HVAC system since it isn’t working as hard.

Prevents Future Costly Repairs

Cheap windows are cheap for a reason—cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap. Quality windows are going to be made of the most advanced materials and manufacturing methods. While they aren’t cheap, they don’t need to be exorbitantly expensive either. There is a difference between cheap and inexpensive and knowing that difference is the key. Superior replacement windows are available for all budgets and all are high quality. Cheap window prices are unrealistically low because you end up paying more over the short life of cheap windows in repairs or premature replacement. Low quality windows like that use cheap hardware and single pane glass that breaks easily. In comparison, high quality replacement windows in Houston homes last an average of 20 years or more—cheap windows top out at about 7 years average.

Of course, all windows breakdown as they are mechanical pieces, however if you are spending hundreds of dollars every few years to repair cheap windows versus spending just a bit more upfront for long lasting windows, which would make more sense? If you have those cheap windows in your home, the next time one needs repair, make the smart investment into energy efficient replacement windows.

Adds Exponential Value To Your Home

According to studies by the National Association of Realtors, homes that have upgraded to energy efficient replacement windows, get an average of 70% return on their investment when selling their home. This means that the value of your home increased exponentially from that single investment into quality replacement windows. Not only do replacement windows carry a lot of weight as a major selling point to potential buyers, but it also increases your homes curb appeal, which is the first thing that attracts buyers browsing your neighborhood.

Signs Of Quality Replacement Windows

Now that you’ve been informed on the benefit of replacement windows for your home and the savings they can bring, the next logical step is to shop around. The key is knowing what makes a quality replacement window as the price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for your home. Quality replacement windows not only add to architectural appeal but also increase efficiency and protect against the outdoor elements. A solid replacement window will use multiple components and standards such as the following:

Low-E Glass

Low-E is an industry term for low emissivity— the ability to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Low-E is achieved by applying a multi-layered coating on the interior pane(s) of the window when being manufactured. This coating not only acts as insulation but also can filter out UV and infrared rays, both which heat your home and can be hazardous to your health at high levels.


Gas-Filled Windows

Higher quality replacement windows boost efficiency by sandwiching Argon or Krypton gases between two or more panes of glass within the window unit. The gases add even more insulation barrier to reduce transfer of heat and cold through the window panes.

 Multiple Panes of Glass

The number of panes of glass a window is comprised of is directly related to the level of efficiency the window possesses. The more panes there are the better the energy efficiency of the window. The best quality windows combine not only two or more panes but also the aforementioned gases and low-e coatings to keep your home efficient.

 Fabrication Materials

A replacement window is only as good as the materials the frame is fabricated with. Different materials will have certain properties that will affect the level of insulation a window can provide. Each option comes with its own pros and potential cons depending on your needs and lifestyle but still offer outstanding quality.

  • Vinyl – Vinyl is the most popular choice for replacement windows as it can be fabricated using several air chambers, creating insulation pockets that help in transfer of heat and cold through your frame. Vinyl is also very low maintenance, easy to clean, and does not need regular upkeep. In terms of style, vinyl can be finished with tons of textures including woodgrain and is available in a wide range of custom colors.
  • Wood Windows – While wood is an excellent choice for maintaining a consistency in the temperature of your home, there are some things to be aware of with wood frames. Wood requires regular maintenance such as painting, sanding, and other tasks. Vinyl with woodgrain finish gives the same look and insulation properties without the maintenance. For the purists and historical homes however, wood is a great choice if you are willing to maintain them properly.
  • Aluminum Windows – Aluminum has no insulating qualities in the frame, so while your glass may be low-e and gas filled you are negating those properties with an aluminum frame. We included this to warn against windows that claim to be energy efficient at an unbelievable price but are made of aluminum frames. Go with vinyl or wood and ignore the allure of the low priced aluminum frame windows, you will end up paying more in the long run.

Do You Need Quality Replacement Windows In Houston?

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