Lead Poisoning From Windows: FACTS (with Video)

Lead Poisoning From Windows: FACTS (with Video)

There are many products in your home that can carry lead.  If your home was built before 1978 there’s a chance that your Houston Windows can have lead.   Here are some quick facts about lead:
  • Lead Paint was banned in U.S. residential paint in 1978.  (It was banned in France and many other countries prior to 1920.)
  • Three-quarters of the nation’s housing contains lead paint.
  • Lead poisoning is a serious disease.
  • Children under six are most at risk.
  • Children from every region, race, and socioeconomic level are at risk
  • Lead poisoning causes learning and developmental disabilities.
  • There are usually no symptoms.
  • Even children who appear healthy can have dangerous levels of lead in their blood.
  • Lead poisoning is preventable.
  • Most lead poisoning happens at home.
  • The primary cause is tiny particles of lead dust from deteriorated paint or from painted surfaces disturbed during remodeling, repair or renovation.
  • Lead dust is invisible, so tiny in fact that it passes through most masks & filters.
  • Lead poisoning affects adults as well as kids.

Lead can come from your Houston Windows: 

Childhood lead poisoning is the number one environmental health risk facing children in industrialized countries today. In the United States, more than three million children age six and younger– that’s one out of every six children in that age group–has toxic levels of lead in their bodies. Similar proportions of children are affected in other countries, from Germany to Australia, that have used lead in industry and consumer products.   The Houston Windows expert, Superior Window Company can help you!
The Dangers:

  • Nervous System and kidney damage
  • Decreased muscle and bone growth
  • Speech, language, and behavior issues
  • Hearing Damage
  • Poor Muscle Coordination

The solution.
Unlike merely painting or papering over a lead-painted surface, lead abatement is a way to permanently remove hazards. The only way to permanently eliminate the risk
of lead poisoning caused by lead-painted windows is to replace them.


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