Home Improvements to Kick Off the Summer

With school letting out and summer around the corner, it’s a great time to consider finalizing any home improvements before it gets too hot! Do you already have plans to finalize your home improvements? Every element of our homes needs updating to ensure their integrity. Do you have energy-efficient windows so your air conditioning bill doesn’t go through the roof? Is the structure of your windows or doors compromised so pests can get in? Replacing unsound parts of your home is a good investment for homeowners. It keeps you in good condition and adds value as well. These are points to consider to be sure you’re ready for summer!

Replacement Windows in Houston

Do you need replacement windows? Here are some tips for assessing your windows:

Evaluate Functionality

Truly evaluate the functionality of your windows. Do you have condensation between the panes of your windows? Are they hard to open or close? Have you noticed an increase in your energy bill? Are there drafts coming in around the windows? These are all signs that you seriously need to consider replacement windows.

Bronze Vinyl Casement Windows

Consider the Panes

First, determine how many panes of glass are in your windows. Single-paned windows are the least energy efficient. They can be replaced, though, with double-or-triple paned windows that are ENERGY STAR compliant. This will make your home more energy-efficient so it is more comfortable not only in the summer but in all the seasons!

Look at the Frames

Consider the frames of your windows. Do they require a lot of maintenance? Certain frames, like wood, require a lot of maintenance. If you have wood frames, you probably spend a lot of time with maintenance like scraping the paint and repainting almost every year. Investing in vinyl replacement windows is a good decision for low-maintenance windows that can stand up to the Houston elements.

So, if you’re ready for replacement windows in Houston, contact us today!



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