5 Facts About Replacement Windows

Superior Window Company is a firm believer that knowledge is key to making an informed purchase when it comes to replacement windows, so we want to share with you a few facts and info that are very useful. If you have a high energy bill, these facts can help you find new ways to save money.Houston replacement windows

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WINDOW FACT: Design is Functional

Windows make up approximately 15 percent of an average home’s wall space.  Windows have several functions:

  • Let in natural light
  • Keep out wind, bugs and outdoor odors
  • Improve the aesthetic value of any home

The placement and design of replacement windows is meaningful. Where and how your replacement windows fit into a home will affect natural lighting, heating and view of the outdoors. If you want to renovate, think about moving, adding replacement windows and/or removing old windows. Superior Window Company has plenty of options to choose from, all you need to do is consult with one of our knowledgeable replacement windows experts. We will get the right solution for you!

Window FACT: Windows don’t just go on the wall!

Skylights provide 30% more light than vertical replacement windows of the same size. There are several types of skylights.  Some even offer passive heating system benefits.

Special window coating or window film can prevent sun damage and conserve energy just like vertical replacement windows. They also reduce glare, and often last for decades. There are coatings for all purposes including coating that prevent windows from breaking into dangerous pieces, and even polarized coatings as well. The possibilities are endless.

Window FACT: What about repairs/replacements?

Leaking or inefficient windows, skylights and doors account for more than 25 percent of the average household’s energy bills. An energy audit from a professional should be scheduled by any property owner or even renter. When you correct any leaks or replace inefficient windows you can significantly increase you homes energy efficiency and keep more money in your wallet!

Window FACT: High Efficiency is IMPERATIVE!

If you install double-pane insulated glass from Superior Window Company or apply a heat-resistant coating, your energy bill can drop by as much as 15 percent.

Repairs or upgrades are helpful, but it is usually best to install replacement windows for windows older than 15 years. Time and the Houston summers can really take a toll on even the best glass, so ask the Superior Window Company replacement windows experts about your home.

Window FACT: Hire a Company You Can Trust!

Superior Window Company is your TRUSTED Houston/Gulf Coast area replacement windows company. Go to our Superior Window Company  contact page for your free estimate today!. Are you tired of looking at your old windows? Replace them today and increase your homes appeal and value. Call us today and ask about our lifetime warranties on all our windows.


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