Finished Sunroom

We absolutely love when we receive letters from satisfied customers. At the beginning of February we added a new Houston sunroom testimonial along with the letter we received from the happy owner, Pam. She mentioned how she had been wanting a sunroom for quite some time, and when I say quite some time I mean over 35 years! Despite wanting one for so long, though, she was a little skeptical about the quality of these type of sunrooms. Luckily, she had a chance to talk to Dale at the Katy Rice Harvest Festival, and he was able to put her mind at ease.

Needless to say, Pam is very happy with her sunroom and was very impressed with the quality. Despite her initial apprehension, she said it is extremely well-made and just as sturdy as any other room in her house. Not only does she enjoy the sunroom, but she enjoyed the experience of working with Dale and crew as well. My favorite part of her letter is her closing:

I told the guys they didn’t just build me a sunroom, they built me a space for making memories with my family and friends. I just wish we had done it sooner!

Although she took a little longer to “leap,” we are so glad she is so happy with her sunroom and is enjoying it so much. The experience she described with the quality as well as the experience with the process is exactly what we strive for with every project here at Superior Window Company. We want to make everyone’s experience not just a good one, but a great one!

Pam sent us an updated picture of the finished sunroom, which I added to her testimonial, but it is too beautiful not to share here as well!

Houston sunroom

I love her choice of furniture and the accent colors! It really is gorgeous! Her cat seems to enjoy it as well! We are thrilled that Pam is enjoying her new sunroom, and I’m sure there will be many enjoyable moments and memories made!

If you’ve been considering a sunroom, now is a great time to act! Give our Houston sunroom experts a call today! We can’t wait to build you the sunroom of your dreams as well!


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