Exterior Maintenance Before Summer Ends
Exterior Maintenance Before Summer Ends

Exterior maintenance clearing gutters and replacement windows

We still have plenty of nice outdoor weather left, but it will pass by quickly, so it’s important to fit in all those summer exterior maintenance projects while there is still time! This will ensure your home will be ready to handle all that Fall and Winter have to throw our way! Here are some tip for maintenance for the exterior of your home:

Clear Your Gutters

Make sure your gutters are clear. As more pine needles and leaves start to fall, they can quickly clog up the gutters, so go into the fall making sure gutters are nice and clear. Give them a deep clean by removing all debris completely. Then follow up by rinsing them out with a hose. While you work on the gutters, also be sure your downspouts are pointing away from the home.

Check For Leaks

Check your house for “leaks.” Is air getting out through old windows or doors? Perhaps you need replacement windows or doors. Are there drafts? Checking for “leaks” means making sure everything is air tight. This ensures you will get the most out of your AC and heat. Energy efficiency is key!

Trim Back Branches

Are there branches hanging over your roof or over the power lines? Be sure to trim them back before the weather gets too cold to do so. It’s predicted to be a cold winter this year even down here in Texas. The last thing you want is a freeze causing a branch to fall on the roof or a power line! Be sure to cut back all branches. Plus keeping branches and other vegetation away from your home helps keep pests away as well!

Check For Proper Drainage

Should we get that extra precipitation, it’s definitely important to make sure you have proper drainage around your home. If water collects near your home it can damage the foundation as well as decks and patios. Make sure your soil slopes away from the home. If it doesn’t, you can get fill dirt and create a slope away from the home to do so.

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