After The Storm: Cleaning Replacement Windows

After The Storm: Cleaning Replacement Windows

Well it seems like the monsoon cycle has BROKEN! High’s in the low 90’s for the month of June and hardly any rain!  Here at your Houston replacement windows expert home office, we are READY for the wet stuff to be gone for a while. As you can imagine an office with so many people coming and going in and out of the floodwaters can get a bit stale and musty. We prefer natural solutions to that problem and we have found great alternatives to chemicals and harsh cleansers. Getting the replacement windows in your place clean requires some simple components that can make them look sparkly new again. These cleaners can also make  your floors shine bright, and leave your home smelling naturally fresh. Some ingredients may surprise you, but trust your Houston replacement windows experts, this stuff works!

White vinegar – This is like the Swiss Army knife of cleaning agents. Just cut it, no pun intended – a simple half n half mix of water and vinegar does the trick, just put it in a spray bottle. It cuts right through grimy bathroom mirrors but also replacement windows can get grimy at times with the humidity we’ve experienced with these storms and flooding. Use it on the glass panes to get it squeaky clean. You can also use it on all types of household surfaces for cleaning and disinfecting. Vinegar can even whiten grout (you might want to make a stronger 80/20 mix for that though.) You can also get rid of those  dangerous chemical rinses for your dishwasher add straight white vinegar to the reservoir –your dishes will be super clean with no toxic chemicals and for a fraction of what those chemical solutions cost. You can even use white vinegar as a substitute for chemical based fabric softener in the washing machine.

Mule Team Borax – A true workhorse of a product that’s been around for over 100 years, Borax is a heavy duty agent that is also very soft at the same time. Use it in the washing machine and the dishwasher to boost your detergent’s cleaning power and to remove stains and grease from clothes and dishes. Also if you put some in the toilet bowl, it will whiten and disinfect without those stinky chemicals and bleach that can be toxic.

Baking soda – This simple ingredient right here get’s brings out the shine in aluminum and stainless steel like nothing else. While it’s also a great odor remover for smelly shoes and the trash can, it’s great for pots and pans. Dirty sinks are no match for it’s power either and  it’s super effective at absorbing spills on carpets and upholstery. Just sprinkle on the spot, leave for an hour or more and vacuum up. You can also add it to the washing machine for heavily stained clothes. We aren’t even scratching the surface if it’s uses, Google it if you want more!

Microfiber Cloth –Replacement windows get dusty and grimy after all these hard storms we have had. Dirt gets picked up with the rain and wind and makes a nasty mix, that’s a known fact.  Cleaning them with the vinegar mixture helps them repel dust when conditions are not reminiscent of the Great Flood. The finishing touch though for your replacement windows to be invisible and all of the surfaces of your home, is a microfiber cloth. Just brush it over your furniture, windows, tables etc.. and dust sticks to it like glue. A simple wash and you can reuse it over and over. It’s a green solution and a green money saver!

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