Caring for Your Vinyl Windows: Cleaning the Sashes
Caring for Your Vinyl Windows: Cleaning the Sashes

Well-designed home windows can really amp up the beauty factor of both the outside and inside of your house. But since windows are made of glass, they can only do this if they are properly cleaned and cared for. This week, we have instructions on how to properly clean the sashes of your Houston vinyl windows.

Double Hung windows have two sashes: top and bottom.  To clean these sashes, you’ll first need to tilt them in. Each sash has a latch on both sides for this purpose. Raise the sash (or if it’s the top sash, lower it) about 3 inches. Simultaneously disengage the tilt latches on either side and pull the sash towards you until both of the latches are clear of the frame. Without letting go of the sash, lower it down into your desired position for cleaning.

You’ll want to first rinse it completely with clear water, then scrub it with a mild, nonabrasive soap. Always avoid harsh cleaners that have the potential to cause permanent damage to the sash. When you have finished, wipe the sash dry and return the sash to its original position. You can do this by titling it back towards the frame until the latches snap back into place.


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