Caring for Window Screens

Spring is coming. Some days it feels like it’s right around the corner, and then we seem to have another day that feels like winter wants to linger a little longer. Soon, though, spring will be in full bloom, and we will be enjoying more days where we can just sit back with the windows open and enjoy the beautiful weather. Of course, with open windows, you also want to be sure your window screens are up to par. Window screens require routine cleaning and care, and Spring Cleaning is a great time to include your window screens in your routine!

Properly cleaned and maintained window screens will help your family enjoy the beautiful spring breezes without the intrusion of bugs and other critters or the escape of family pets!

Here are some tips for caring for your window screens:

Fix any damage.

If upon checking all of your screens you notice any small holes or tears, take an assessment. If the damage is minor you can purchase a patch kit from a home repair store or hardware store. Of course, something to keep in mind is patching will affect the overall look, so if that is something that will bother you, a replacement may be a better option. Of course, if the hole is fairly large or the tears are excessive, replacement is the best option.

Clean your Window Screens.

In order to clean your window screens properly, it is best to remove them from the frame. It is very important to remove them properly following the manufacturer’s instructions. Some screens can bend easily, so it is important to take caution and remove them as instructed.

After screens are removed place them on a flat surface and use mild soap and lukewarm water and soft bristle brush to remove the dirt and grime. Be sure to clean both sides of the screen and around the interior and exterior of the frame. Then rinse it off and allow it to dry completely before inserting it back in the window.

Be Gentle.

Window screens can be delicate. In addition to bending when removing from the window, they can also be affected (including bending) while IN the window as well. Don’t push on screens or use high pressure washes on screens as this can cause them to bend or even damage them. Treat them properly so they will last for the maximum amount of time!

Enjoy the beautiful weather that is right around the corner and treat your screens right! If you have any questions our Houston window replacement experts are available!


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