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Buying Replacement Windows

Tips for Buying Replacement Windows in Houston 

STOP! – If you are buying replacement windows in Houston, do not just take the first offer you get or go to a big box store and waste money. Buying replacement windows for your home can be a very productive and rewarding experience, but only if you know what to look for.

At Superior Window Company, we replace “upgraded” windows that customers spent thousands on just a few years before because they thought they were getting a deal. This happens when you don’t know what questions you should be asking or what features to look for from quality windows.

Double Hung Replacement Windows Diagram

The problem is, most Houston replacement windows companies won’t give away this information—they’d rather sell you their windows, usually at a high markup with little value. We do things differently at Superior, so we’ve compiled a list of quick tips to make sure your window purchase ends up being a worthwhile investment.

This guide will have you informed enough to make an educated decision on replacement windows no matter who you buy from. Empowered buyers are smart buyers, and we don’t need to sell you on our windows. Our windows sell themselves, and the level of attention we put into the details sells our service. It’s why we are the top replacement windows company in Houston year after year.

Once you read through this guide, feel free to give us a call and put into practice what we show you, and we’ll have you on the way to better windows in no time at all.

Do Your Research On Window Companies And Brands

When buying replacement windows in Houston, you want to make sure you are working with a reputable Houston window company. Google any company you are considering and read customer reviews on Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List, etc.

When calling a window company in Houston, make sure to ask some basic qualifier questions such as:

  • How long have you been selling windows in Houston?
  • Who makes the replacement windows you are offering?
  • Are the installers direct employees or hired contractors?
  • What are the installer’s credentials, and are they insured?
  • Do you have any industry accreditation or affiliation with industry trade associations?
  • Does the company have any industry accreditations or affiliations?

These questions may seem very basic and typical—but you’d be surprised by some of the responses you get. Many window companies buy generic windows, put a created brand name on them (white label manufacturing), and then have them installed by unreliable third-party installers.

Superior's Replacement Windows Energy Efficiency Performance Sticker

When you purchase windows from Superior, you get windows that are made right here in Texas and installed by our factory-trained, certified professionals.

Our Texas-made replacement windows are:

  • Built & tested for Texas heat
  • Built to withstand Gulf Coast hurricanes
  • Strong enough to handle Houston humidity

Avoid the Common Sales Gimmicks of Replacement Windows

If you’ve ever heard the saying: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”— remember that when shady window companies advertise a $199.00 window deal, which is a major red flag to avoid that company altogether.
The $199.00 price is very unrealistic and intentionally misleading because it is usually a rare-sized window, very low quality, or doesn’t include installation costs—which are then highly inflated. Once you end up at the final price after adding all the hidden charges, you end up paying several times over the so-called “great deal.”

You get what you pay for when it comes to replacement windows in Houston. Windows are an investment in your home’s value and efficiency—so if you want the best return on your investment, you need to be realistic about your cost expectations. Quality windows will last 15 years or more at the least. The $199.00 gimmick windows may not even last two years before needing a replacement themselves. Which one is saving you more money in the end?

Recognize the Signs Of Quality Replacement Windows

Fixed/Direct Set Replacement Windows DiagramYour window company should have your replacement windows custom-made to fit your window openings without modification to your home. Unless you are changing your window’s style, shape, and size, the opening shouldn’t need to be altered. Don’t get stuck with windows that were made for someone else’s home, trying to be pawned off on you by shady window companies.

Window frames and your sashes should have reinforcement, period. If they aren’t— the sash, for example, will begin to sag and warp over time. Sash deterioration leads to leaking windows that end up no locking right.
Superior Window sashes are fusion welded, multi-chambered, and reinforced on all sides of the window with material that is non-conductive of heat or cold. These features foster energy efficiency and thermal efficiency that help keep electrical costs down.

Read & Understand the Window Company’s Warranty

Quality windows come with a quality warranty. Think about it—if a company knows they manufacture and sell a top-notch product, they won’t be afraid to stand behind it. The caveat is; the warranty is only as good as the product being warrantied and the company that is guaranteeing it, so it is so important to read the contract thoroughly. If the company doesn’t let you read the warranty in writing before the sale, walk away. They have something to hide, and you don’t want to find out what it is.

At Superior, all of our windows include our industry-leading, Lifetime Window Installation Warranty. Everything about your new windows-the frame, the sash, the seals, the screens, even the glass- is guaranteed to meet your highest expectations. And the warranty is transferable to the next homeowner if you decide to sell! Any time you need a service for any reason, we are the ones who service the same windows we installed. That is the Superior difference.

Superior Window Company Owners - Dale & Kathy

Avoid Brochures & Invite Over the Professionals Instead

The last and most obvious tip—make sure you see the windows you are considering in person. Some window companies try to close the deal from a fancy brochure, which is also a red flag in most cases. Even if it’s done with good intentions, you cannot get an authentic feel for a window without seeing it in person.

When you call Superior, we take the time to consult with you, and based on your needs and home; we bring several sample windows to you in person. You can open them, close them, work the fixtures, learn about the materials, and more.

Contact the Superior Window Company today and put us to the test. See why we offer the Superior Replacement Window experience. One of our consultants will be happy to schedule a home visit for you.


We understand the need for reliable and high-quality products when it comes to buying replacement windows for your home, which is exactly why we only offer the very best windows, made by Texans for the Texas climate.

Offering our customers exceptionally high-grade windows they can count on is our number one priority. From our thorough consultation process to custom manufacturing and expert installation, you can count on Superior!

If you are ready to invest in replacement windows that are designed specifically for your Texas home, request your consultation or give us a call today at (281) 747-5999.