Add Beauty to Your Windows With These Low Maintenance Window Box Plants
Add Beauty to Your Windows With These Low Maintenance Window Box Plants

Your Houston Windows don’t have to look beautiful just on your own. Add additional beauty with these low maintenance window box plants!

Dracaena Plant for Houston Windows


The Dracaena is dark green and spiky. It is great for adding height to the back and sides of the container. It grows slowly but can get fairly tall. Another advantage of the Dracaena is you can move them indoor during the winter.

Summer Snapdragon

The Summer Snapdragon has grape scented blooms. They are purple in color and offer a beautiful height. Plus, you can use them as long-lasting cut stems for your kitchen table.


Coleus grows in a variety of colors and is the perfect, easy container filler.

White Licorice Plant

The White Licorice Plant is a fuzzy, silvery white plant. It has a great texture and grows wide and low. It looks beautiful in the front of the container.

Frosted Curls

Frosted Curls are a grass that offer a beautiful shimmering texture. In fact, some people have said it reminds them of a waterfall when the wind blows through it. Wouldn’t that be an amazing view every day?

Babylon Red Verbena Hybrid

The Babylon Red Verbena Hybrid is a nice, light plant. It has little red flowers and is a favorite for butterflies. This plant grows wide rather than tall and looks beautiful at the front of the container.

Fiber Optic Grass

Fiber Optic Grass is an annual plant. The name “fiber optic” does describe tThe he look of this plant. It adds a beautiful texture to your container.


Salvia is related to Sage. It adds a beautiful purple color in the form of shoots.

Sweet Potato Vine

The Sweet Potato Vine is a climber and will creep down over the edge of the container. They grow quickly and offer a beautiful yellow green color.

Spruce Up Your Houston Windows

Add some color and beauty to your Houston Windows by adding these beautiful, low maintenance window box plants. Simply plant them and care for them as needed. Be sure they are healthy when you plant them and watch them grow and bloom!



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