Bay Windows & Bow Windows

While most Houston window companies offer a limited number of options, we take great pride in offering an unsurpassed selection of windows in every style with numerous glass options, energy saving features and unlimited exterior frame color options. Bay windows and bow windows are attractive features for any home. Bay windows project out from the main walls of the home to form a bay within the room. Bow windows are like bay windows that are curved which creates a wider view from the room. Here is more information about Bay and Bow Windows and the advantages of having them in your home.

Bay Windows

“Bay Window” is actually a “catch-all” term for any type of window that protrudes from the home. A bay window will usually be square or polygonal. Bay windows that are supported by a bracket or corbel are called oriel windows.

Benefits of Bay Windows

There are many benefits of bay windows. The key benefit is that a bay window will add a visual appeal to your home. It will give it “personality.” Bay windows add a little bit of unique architectural significance to what would otherwise be a plain, flat wall.

Bay windows also add space to the home. The square footage of this space may not seem like much, but it does offer that little bit of extra space and can be maximized by making use of this space with furniture or other items in your home.

Plus, bay windows are large and provide an ample amount of natural light to the home. We have shared before the benefits of natural light. Bay windows offer that opportunity for more natural light so you can enjoy the benefits.

Types of Bay Windows

Bay windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common Victorian Bay window will be angled with three sides. They are often around six foot high and project about two or three feet out from the wall.

There are also more elaborate bay windows that are often featured at the corners of the home. They can be embellished with decorative moldings. The size and shape of the bay window, though, depends on the size, shape, and location in the home where the window will be constructed.

Bow Windows

A bow window is just a bay window that has a rounded shape instead of a square one as mentioned. The key benefit of bow windows is that they usually allow more space in the home than the typical bay window.

Benefits of Bow Windows

Just like the bay window, the bow window will give the house added space and natural light. They offer that extra space that can be maximized as well as enjoyed. Curved bow windows can give a home a unique look that standard bay windows can’t since there are no corners of the window protruding from the home.

Styles of Bow Windows

Like bay windows, there are many different styles of bow windows. There are a variety of sizes that will meet every need for every home.

Adding a bow or bay window to a home can add great value. Plus they provide a fantastic amount of natural light and they look stunning.

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