All I want for Christmas is… A New Door

All I want for Christmas is… A New Door

You’ve been thinking about what you want for Christmas. Perhaps you have even dropped a few hints to your loved ones here and there. Before you make the final decision, Superior would like to suggest that you ask for a new door. It sounds odd, but there are actually some very compelling reasons why a new door would make a great gift. Here are 3 of them:

1. Score New Furniture

Did you know that when you replace your old door, you could score some new furniture? All it takes is a handful of tools and some elbow grease. We are talking about remaking your old door into a new piece of furniture. With a little creativity, it’s possible to transform your old door into a bed, trunk, chair, bench, or even a book shelf. Lots of ideas for re-purposing doors can be found online. When you decide to get a new door for Christmas, you are really setting yourself up for a fun project and a unique piece of furniture.

2. Save Money for Next Year

After the holidays are over, you’ll have a whole new year ahead of you. In the Houston area, that means you’ll have to endure a long, hot season with high energy bills. But not if you get a new door. Replacing your old door could improve the energy efficiency of your home, which means that you’ll see your energy bill go down. You can save up the extra money to splurge on gifts for the next holiday season. So when you choose to get a new door for Christmas this year, you are really setting yourself up for even greater gifts next year.

3. Impress Your Relatives

Christmas is one of the few times throughout the year when all your relatives can be found under one roof. All of them will have to walk through the front door. What better way to give them a warm welcome than the sight of a fancy new door? Your new door is sure to coax a few compliments out of even the grumpiest of family members. Over the Christmas feast, you can brag to them about how you are going to re-purpose your old door and save oodles of money over the next year.

As your adding last-minute items to your Christmas wish list, don’t forget to write in a new door. And let the person who is buying your gift know that the best place to get a new door is Superior Window Company. Call or fill out an online form for a free consultation.



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