7 Steps to a Perfectly Clean Window

Nothing beats having extremely clean windows in your home. However, most people are never instructed with the perfect way to make a window so clean that it is almost invisible. The best method of doing this does not cost much money. Having excellent windows does not mean special soap or an expensive bucket. It comes down to the technique of washing a window with a bucket, squeegee, and a scrubber. Get a bottle of your favorite brand of dishwashing liquid and fill up your bucket, get a small towel, and you are ready to get started on your way to super clean windows.

1.    Prep Work

First, be thankful that we are in Texas, and we do not have to worry about water freezing in cold temperatures. Texas weather makes easier for you in the long run, and you’ll be able to use any temperature of the water you wish. Now, place your scrubber in the bucket of  1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid mixed with two gallons of water. Squeeze extra water from the scrubber.

2.    Cover

Scrub the window using all angles and hitting every edge. You’ll know you are doing it right if you have every square inch of glass covered. Please make sure you read the rest of the instructions before using the squeegee.

3.    Edge

Tip the squeegee, so the edge is the only thing touching the glass. Next, start at the corner of the window, working your way down the strip vertically. Only one side of the window is necessary unless you have to make the other side the same. We understand, we like being even as well! We recommend the top to bottom to make it easier, finishing the prep work for your horizontal strokes.

4.    Swipe

Squeegee across the top of the glass by pressing the squeegee blade against the top corner and pull across the window. It is easy to focus on keeping the squeegee in contact with the top seal of the window. While doing this, bear in mind that professional window cleaners go back in forth across in one fluid motion, but this takes much practice. If you have to work vertically instead of horizontally, angle the squeegee to direct the excess water towards the uncleaned area of the window.

5.    Wipe

This is probably the easier step in the process. Wipe the blade clean on a towel. We recommend hanging the towel in your front pocket. Wiping the blade will remove the dirt and water that has built up on the squeegee.

6.    Repeat

Now it is time to work the window. The only difference between the first row and the next rows the amount of space used on top. We recommend overlapping your last stroke by about 2 inches. Again, while pulling across, make sure to use an angle to let he excess water fall. Now you are ready to wipe again before moving on to the next section of the window. Repeat process until you have completely cleaned the window.

7.    Rag

Here’s a step that is mostly ignored and also one that makes a difference. Use the rag that you used to clean your squeegee to wipe the window down, and the water on the bottom edge of the window. We recommend using your finger wrapped in the towel to poke a dry spot on the window and run it along the edge of the window to take off any suds. The goal is to wipe off any visible streaks using the towel. If the towel you have is now dirty, then please change the cloth.

If you’d like, you can also use these same methods for cleaning the inside of windows. Instead of using a large scrubber, you can use a small sponge and repeat the process. This will ensure that you’ll get the best looking windows in the neighborhood. Now the only thing you have to worry about is the fact that people might try to walk through your glass doors and birds hitting your windows!


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