Beautiful Sun Room with New Replacement Windows
6 Steps to a Stylish Sunroom

Sunrooms offer a place for relaxation, reading, conversing, or entertaining guests. Perhaps you are looking to fix up your existing sunroom or add one in. Here are six steps to a stylish sunroom:

1. Theme

Identify what imagery and feelings you want your sunroom to evoke. Is it casual or formal? Fun or relaxing? Is it inspired by the coast or the country? Once you’ve got your theme in mind, you can choose the colors and pieces that will bring your idea to life.

2. Furniture

Consider the type of furniture material to be used in your sunroom. Wicker and rattan are light-weight yet sturdy, natural and comfortable. Traditional outdoor materials such as teak and iron are also suitable. Upholstered furniture can be used, but make sure that the fabric can handle exposure to sunlight.

3. Rugs

Rugs add comfort, warmth, and color to your sunroom. They also serve to dampen the acoustic echo in your room. Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropylene offer moisture and UV resistance at a low price. Plant-based fibers like bamboo and sisal give a natural vibe to your sunroom.

4. Flooring

You’ll need to decide what type of flooring your rug will adorn. Concrete is an affordable option. It doesn’t have to be a drab gray either. Concrete can be painted over and stained for a different look. Low pile carpet is an option for those who want something softer underfoot. Tile and hardwood are the classic choices for sunroom flooring and can change the look of the room depending on the type used.

5. Temperature

Even though sunrooms don’t usually have air conditioning, you’ll still want to keep them cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Installing a ceiling fan can help keep your sunroom from becoming too hot in the Texas heat. A space heater will keep you cozy in the cold or for the more ambitious, consider installing a fireplace.

6. Accessories

Use plants, pillows, and pictures to liven up your space. Mix up your plant presentation by hanging them up, setting them on tables, or using potted trees. Throw colorful or patterned pillows atop your furniture for accentuation. Hang artwork that will compliment your theme.


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