5 Reasons Fiberglass Doors Are a Great Option

5 Reasons Fiberglass Doors Are a Great Option

The doors of your home are important statement pieces that add character to your residence. If you are currently looking for a replacement door you might want something that will look elegant, but not break the bank. The best option in the market is Fiberglass doors because they offer all the benefits of wood doors at a bargain price. Here is a list of the benefits of choosing Fiberglass doors for your home:

  1. Cost: High-end wooden doors can be quite expensive; in contrast Fiberglass doors are more affordable. This is due to the fact that the market for fiberglass is cheaper than the market for wood products. Fiberglass doors are still of superior quality just without the steep price tag.
  2. Pre-finished: In addition to real wooden doors being more expensive, all the sides must be finished in order to protect it from natural elements prior to installation. While on the other hand, Fiberglass doors come pre-finished and ready to install into your home.
  3. Maintenance: Fiberglass doors do not require an ample amount of maintenance, unlike traditional wooden doors. Fiberglass doors will only need to be refinished every five years while wooden doors will usually require full restoration every couple years to keep the door in good condition. Not to mention, Fiberglass doors are not vulnerable to the usual defects of wooden doors such as rotting and warping.
  4. Strength: The current manufacturing of Fiberglass doors has been engineered so that they are the same density and weight as a wooden door. When opening and closing the door you will still feel the same resistance you would get from an actual wooden door.
  5. Texture: Modern technology has advanced so far that they can make Fiberglass doors almost identical to wooden doors, even down to the look and feel. Manufacturers can fabricate the same style and texture of natural wood grain that you will not be able to tell the difference.

When choosing a replacement door, the inclination to buy an elegant tradition wooden door is usually met with the reluctance to invent so much money. Fortunately, fiberglass doors can offer a compromise with better protection and fewer preservation needs too. With a broad range of styles and modern finishes, there is sure to be one you will love. Keep Superior Windows in mind if you need a replacement door for your home within the Greater Houston area.


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