4 Reasons Why a Sunroom is a Bright Idea

4 Reasons Why a Sunroom is a Bright Idea

Sunrooms were first introduced in the early 1960’s. Since their arrival, they have been a fantasy to have for a lot of homeowners. Finally, we can now enjoy the gentle breeze of the great outdoors, without having actually to be outside. We feel that it’s important to tell a secret; you’re missing out on something great if you don’t have a sunroom. Yes, it’s that good! Here are our top four reasons why this summer is a perfect time to get your sunroom.

1. Your Health

We think one of the top reasons to invest in a sunroom is it most definitely will add to your health. Did you know, studies have shown it’s not just plants that metabolize sunlight, we do too. Our bodies turn sunlight into vitamin D. Research now indicates that being deficient in vitamin D increases the risk of many cancers, especially breast and colon.  Another health benefit of the sun is that it can help those of us who suffer from mild cases of depression. One study found that sunlight increases levels of a natural antidepressant in the brain. On sunny days, the brain produces more of the chemical serotonin than a brain that sits in the dark all day long. Last, but not least, sunlight can improve how well we sleep. When sunlight hits your eyes, your optic nerve sends a message to the gland in the brain that produces melatonin (a hormone that helps you sleep); the gland decreases its secretions of melatonin until the sun goes down again. Low levels of melatonin production are linked to poor sleep quality, especially when we are older. The health benefits of the sun that we have mentioned above are just a few of the health reasons to consider investing in a sunroom. So imagine sitting in your beautiful enclosed sunroom and setting the temperature to a comfortable 70 degrees or whatever temperature you love. Go ahead and read a good book while receiving the benefits of the sun.

2. Design & Value of Your Home

Everyone loves a great design in a sunroom. A great sunroom and give you the edge you in if you ever decide to put your house on the property market. In the past, many homes were built with sunrooms, however, today you rarely see sunrooms as part as a newly constructed home. Sunrooms can bring an incredible ambience to any home. The feeling of bringing the outdoors in.  Opening up any space to the views of a beautiful yard will always bring about a peaceful, happy feeling. With all these positive features, someone who has yet to have a sunroom in their home will make your house more valuable.

3. Extra Space

Who couldn’t use a little extra space? How about a  place to put the Christmas tree or a place to lay on the floor and play with your children, or even better, grandchildren. You will have a way better time with the heater or air conditioner on. No mosquitos or flies to get in the way. Perfect outdoor ( indoor ) space. Add space to your home and stretch out!

4.  Your Garden

The number one hassle with keeping up with gardening is the weather. The wind will blow your plants all over, rain will always come, and too much sun can be a bad thing. Other times, you’d love to keep up better with your lovely plants, but it’s too cold or too hot outside for you. Even if you’d like to grow a particular plant that simply cannot take the Texas weather, try growing the plant indoors. The solution is simple; invest in getting a sunroom. Just imagine your sunroom with green hangings in each corner. Grow the grand orchids you’ve been dreaming of having. Keeping up to date with your plants is important. Let’s make it easy for you and your plants.

Let time pass you time while staring into the sky. Just see and hold the stars in the night. Encircle yourself with mother nature, and listen in to the beauty of singing birds. You can now spend millions of hours in comfort. Forget having to leave your home to experience one of the greatest enjoyments of living, without any hassles of the outside world. Take it easy and take advantage of our attractive offers here at Superior.


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