4 Factors to Consider for Energy-Efficient Windows in Texas Summer
4 Factors to Consider for Energy-Efficient Windows in Texas Summer

It’s the peak of summer here in Texas, and as temperatures are now reaching 100 degrees plus, we thought we’d give you some tips on choosing the right energy-efficient windows for your home. Did you know that today’s homeowners are looking for more than just beautiful windows, but they are looking for an energy-conscious solution to lower the costs of heating and cooling in their homes? Perhaps you are one of them. In this two-part series, we will go over go over the four factors one should consider when looking for energy-efficiency: frame, glass, design and installation. Today we will focus on the first two.

1. Frame

We call it having the right frame of mind. There is a variety of materials available for constructing your frame and knowing which ones are best is the first key to having energy-efficiency.

  • Vinyl – Although many consider this as a cheaper solution, it doesn’t have to feel that way. As a more cost-effective solution, it is also one of the most practical ways to keep your home air-tight, preventing air leakage. Although many do not like the look of vinyl as well as color choices, this is one of the most practical ways to go.
  • Wood – Windows made of wood are best for insulation, but require more upkeep than you may think. There is also a significant potential to rot if you are in more humid climates (such as Houston) and experience a lot of rain. It will largely depend on the cut of wood to see how long your wood may last.
  • Aluminum – Although very practical in rainy and humid climates, they are also some of the hardest to insulate as aluminum tends to transfer heat instead of insulating it.
  • Wood-Clad – These seem to offer the best of both worlds as the exterior is typically made of either vinyl or aluminum with a wood interior. As with wood frames, be careful in wetter climates as there is still potential to rotting and leakage, although not as much as wood frames.

2. Glass

The next factor in your energy-efficiency process of your Windows is to consider the glass the actual window is made out of. Consider speaking to one of our energy-efficient window consultants on helping you find the right one. Look for the Energy Star sticker on the windows as well as looking at these two factors:

  • U-Value: Measures the heat loss of a window and its resistance
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Measures the amount of heat entering a home through the glass

The lower the number on either one of these factors, the better performance you will get out of them.

Tune in on next week’s post as we wrap up our discussion on energy-efficient windows in Texas summer.

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