3 Ways to Get Your Windows & Doors Ready for the Holidays

3 Ways to Get Your Windows & Doors Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again. While there are many things that demand your attention during this time of year, it’s no time to slouch on your windows and doors. Check out these 3 ways to make sure your windows and doors are ready for the holidays:

1. Maintenance & Clean Up

Before you put up those Christmas decorations, be sure to spruce up the area surrounding your windows and doors. Cut those branches that you’ve been meaning to get around to. Pack the water hose up for the winter. Repaint the door and wipe down your windows. Taking care of these little maintenance tasks will make a big difference in the appearance of your home’s exterior and prevent anything from distracting from your beautiful Christmas decorations. The last thing you want your neighbor to say is “I love their Christmas lights, but I just wish they would clean the place up a little.”

2. Replace Old Windows and Doors

As the temperature is dropping lower, you might notice that your home isn’t quite as warm and cozy as it should be. Maybe it’s the heater, but consider that you could be losing heat and allowing cold air in through your old windows and doors. If you’ve got aluminum or wood framed windows, they are likely to be the culprits. Maybe you’ve got a wooden door that takes a lot of effort to open. Wood expands in response to the weather so it may no longer exactly fit in the frame. If you want your holiday guests to get in your home hassle-free, consider getting a replacement door. Impress your guests with a beautiful new door and keep them warm with replacements windows while you’re at it this Christmas season.

3. Deck Your Doors and Windows

Last but not least, put up some Christmas decorations. Wreaths are a classic Christmas decoration. Hang one in every window and one on the door too for good measure. You can go for the traditional look with plain wreaths, but they also come in many different colors, shapes, and ornamentations. We rarely get snow in Houston, but you can still add a snow effect to your home. Use snowflake lights and vinyl decals to dress up your windows and doors. Another idea is to post toy soldier decorations as sentries at your door or use candy canes and mini Christmas trees. If you need some inspiration to get going, great ideas can be found on Pinterest.

That wraps up our tips on getting your windows and doors ready for Christmas. If you need assistance in replacing your old windows and doors, give us a call at Superior Window Company. We’ll be glad to give you a holiday hand.


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